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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by mofo, May 1, 2008.

  1. mofo

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    Well, I stumbled upon this fine forum the other day while trying to do some research on the GrillPro® Vertical Propane Smoker, which I saw online at ACE Hardware. It is available only by ordering online and it has free shipping to your local ACE Store.

    Other than the limited info available on the ACE website, I just cannot find much else about this smoker. It seems to be a new item for them. Would anyone happen to know anything about this particular smoker? Here is a link to what I can find:

    Or do any of you have other suggestions? I'm open to most anything at this point. I work 60 hours/week at a full and a part-time job, so would like to stick with propane because my time while smoking will also be spent doing "honey do's" around the house and propane would require less babysitting...

    many thanks all!
  2. That seems a like a small smoker for that price to me, and the fact that there is not alot of information you can find would also make me think twice before I would buy it.

    This is the new model of the smoker I have and I love it. Larger cooking area and about $100 bucks less.

    I am not an expert but I think you can get alot more smoker for the money if you look around.
  3. lcruzen

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    Resembles a GOSM that can be had much cheaper at Wally World and usually in stock in these parts.
  4. mofo

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    It seems that ACE Hardware has removed all links to the GrillPro Vertical Smoker. Wonder if it was manufactured by the same folks as the GOSM.

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