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Jan 29, 2007

I know you are all meat smokers ,but, I figure some of you also grill meat. I have a propane grill, the problem I keep having is flames burning the meat. I changed the Lava rock and even added extra lava rock, but still have the problem. I have seen grills with the metal shield instead of the rock. Do these help ? What else might I try ? Thanks

How new is your grill ? I have seen numerous grills that have burned out ( rusted ) burners ,giving hotspots....also the cheaper gas grills have that problem as well ?? I recently purchased a grill that has heavy steel covers over the burning tubes real well
Some thoughts..... you may be trying to grill meat with high fat content, which will melt, drip and flare, burning your dinner. Another idea is that you're putting sugary bbq sauce on your food, which is melting and fueling the flames. If that's not the problem, you probably need a grill mod, which others can help you with. I travel with a Holland Companion that has a no flare guarantee, it is all stainless which I need here in the ocean. There's a metal plate between the burner and the actual grill surface. Problem is, it's never hot enough to sear meat, it's more of an oven. Holland made me a new burner free.

More experienced grill meisters will have more info, but you may be fueling the fire from the top.
Fatty meat, temp too high? Most flare-ups occur with burgers due to the fat content. Leaner beef makes a big difference. If you are having trouble with all meats, what are you doing to prepare it, what temperature are you grilling it?
when using lava rock, you should have one even layer of rock. i used to have a LP grill, and when grilling high fat meat, you will have flare-ups. i used to put aluminum foil on the rack, under the food.
i didn't read any of the posts- but you may want to try indirect heat. flame @ 1 end ( low heat) airflow to the out vent across the meat wood & drip pan.. just a thought watch yer heat though- ya really don't want convection or suction style airflow( that tends to dry the meat) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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