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Grilled Tomatoes, Ribeye steak, Pepper Onion Morels, on the Weeber w/Pics


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well i was gonna make some stuffed ribeyes... well i just couldnt do it, not that i shudnt have or may not do in the future... the stars just didnt align today... but i did have me 4 nice thick ribeyes i was gonna slit open but instead didnt. instead i just drizzled with evoo and added a bunch of malabar pepper and some sea salt... hmmm no pic... anyhow for the sides. brought this up from the garden, some san marzanos, and some jalepenos, the other misc pepper i didnt use.

some morels rehydrated...

a cupla onions sliced...

onions, morels, sliced up red and green jalepenos, all into pan to be sauted in butter. added a little malabar pepper and seasalt in this as well.


to put this in perspective, the shrooms were being sauted while i prepped the tomatoes and steaks and had them on the grill. had to multi task a lil bit...

the tomatoes i cut in thick slices, 1/2 inch or better. again evoo and malabar pepper, seasalt treatment to both sides. put steaks on the grill and the tomatoes imediatly after.

this pic out of sequence a bit, pretend you dont see that chees ok..... i flipped the maters right before flipping the steaks and added the fine diced jalepenos and let cook the entire time the steaks cooked on second side.

steaks are about done, had some four cheese blend left over from abt's last week or the week before... added a good pinch ontop of each tomato slice and put the cover on the grill for a minute or so.

i hope they taste as good as they smell....

any of you all who still have tomatoes ya gotta try these. mine needed a tad more salt which was easily remedied. the only seasonings i used today was sea salt and malabar pepper....

thks for checking out my pics... hope ya try them tomatoes out


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Holy Cow there Erain your alive and well I take it?? Well you haven't lost your grilling skills I see. I'll tell you I really like them mushrooms and peppers concoction you have going on there alot. I will have to try them tomatoes too they look great and that's quite a dinner you puttin on there


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OK i love all that moos, oinks and clucks but I'm a mater head also, those maters are mouthwatering. That's on this weeks menu!


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That sure looks like a meal. A very good meal. Can't wait to try some tomatoes that way. Waiting on my tomatoes to ripen up. Got plenty of peppers ripe.

 Thanks for the view.


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Did I hear morels?
  Dang it E... you're tormenting me. lol  Looks fantastic!


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Dang E that looks great


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It doesn't get any better than that!  I'm going to try the tomato thing too.  Looks tasty.


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GREAT lookin chow especially morels-always wanted to save some for later but never could stop eating them!


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Great looking meal there E!! Those tomatoes look amazing. I don't think i have ever grilled tomatoes before. Another thing added to the TO DO list.

You get one of these -->


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I love grilled tomatoes or just about any way you can make them and those look awesome man -great job

Thumbs up for ya
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Looks absolutely awesome. I need to try those tomatoes. So simple but dang they look good.

Great looking plate!


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Nice session on the weber! I know little to nothing about shrooms, but if I had the time to hunt 'em, man...and there's just nothing quite like shrooms with a ribeye!

Great looking dinner Erain, tomatoes, steak & all!


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Excellent pics! It all looks wonderful! I'm patiently waiting here for my tomatoes to ripen then I'll be grilling some as well.

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