grilled steelhead

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Jul 3, 2005
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hello everyone

my moms boyfreand gave me a nice steelhead about 7 pounds i think i will grill it for dinner i am going to rub it the fillet with lemon pepper and slice a lemon and an onion lay on top and may even put a couple of slices of buckboard bacon on just to top it off i will serve with a baked potato and a can of corn you guys take care bye for now

hey cheech it turned out great i just grilled the whole fish and had way to much for the three of us for one dinner so the next night we fried some spuds and a small slice of an onion and mixed in the left over fish and had a fish hash for dinner now that the hunting season here is over i can try and catch a few of these for the smoker if the rivers ever get back into shape we have had the wettest november on record i dont know how many inches of rain we had for the month but for the year on nov 15 we had 97 inches of rain by the end of the year we should have about 110 inches if not more ohwell i better quite rambling talk at you later
One of my favorite Steelhead recipe's is to make 1"x1" cubes season them as you wish.I lean toward Adobo with white pepper.Then you wrap the chunks in bacon and pin them with a toothpick.Put them on the grill untill the bacon is about done then dip them in your favorite BBQ sauce and return them to the grill until the bacon is done.People tell me its too weird to use bbq on fish but dont knock it till you try it.I have done this with 4 steelies over 8# all at once and that is the fastest I have seen that much fish disappear.
hello coz

do you leave the skin when you cut the fish into cubes or take it off i may have to try this outwhen we grilled the fish i wrapped it in foil with onion and lemon and bacon we do sometimes like to put bbq sause on it just to change things up a bit and i agree it is good well you guys take care talk at you later
Salmon Clubber,I always take the skin off unless I am going to grill a whole fillet or smoke the fish.We do salmon a lot of different ways and usually is skin off.Watch for me to post a recipe called Salmon fit for a queen.Kinda stuffed fillet kind of thing and it is good.Shrimp, crab meat ,etc.Should have it posted by sunday P.M. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.