Grilled steak

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May 21, 2006
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Since no one else has jumped on this chance to post the first post on grilling beef let me put my $.02 worth in.

I like to bring my steak to room temperature and lightly salt and pepper the meat. Then with the tips of my fingers I jab the meat all over, flip it salt and pepper it and jab the meat on that side. Then I pull the meat back up thick and let it sit while the coals are getting white hot. Put the steaks on the coals and close the lid for 7 min, open the lid and flip for another 7 min. For a 1 - 1 1/2" ribeye that will be about medium rare. For a tenderloin filet that will be rare.

Here is a pic of a tender loin.

This is the level of rareness.

The jabbing with the fingers part was taught to me by a Chef at a local steak joint. He said it would guarantee a tender steak and so far he has been right.
Ahh... nuts, Rodger. You beat me by about five minutes!
Rodger, interesting method you have there.. I tease the butchers at the market when they show me a 1" steak ... I tell'm "That's a sandwich steak" so they special cut a few for me .. Wholefoods is the market we shop at so I am guilty of eating a 40.00 steak. <porterhouse> I use the finger method when testing to see if the steak is cooked enough for me .. Usually I just have them knock the horns off and wipe it's bottom <Dutch I didn't say A$$> and give it to me .. :)

Seems like the older I get the smaller I want my steaks. :oops:

I like mine medium rare and dam tender. I like to cut mine with a fork if possible. Seems like the side items are a lot more important to me now also. Boiled peel em and eat um shrimp has become a big favorite with my steaks.
Rodger, I refuse to get any older so I'll stick with the big and juicey.. I like shrimp more than I like lobster .. Do you have a recipe for some good grilled cajun shrimp?

Grilled Ribeye

Get the coals SCREAMING hot.
season the steaks with salt, pepper, garlic powder or just use garlic flavored SOUTHERN FLAVOR.

Drop steaks on grill. listen to sizzle sound. wait 5 min turn 90 degrees wait 3 mins..

flip steaks. open 2nd beer. cook for 3 mins. pull out therm. check meat. Cook to desired doneness.

I get perfect grill marks on 1 side, and the meat is to just the right degree of doneness. rare for wife, medium for me and son.. And whatever you want if you drop in on steak night for dinner.

Baked tater, and some grilled squash for side dish. DINNER IS SERVED is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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