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  1. My son, who is a trained professional chef, grilled potatoes for me last week. I liked what he did. I tried the technique myself only a hotter temp. I cleaned my potato, gave it an olive oil coating plus kosher salt and cracked pepper. I baked it on the grill with lotsa oak smoke at 500 degrees for 45 minutes. It was just awsume. Loved the flavor of the smoke and the dried potato skins with just butter, salt and pepper.
  2. Sorry about that!!!! I omited to much information. It was a whole white potato of about medium size. All I did was to give it a good wash, dry it, apply olive oil, kosher salt and cracked black pepper. I smoked it (lotsa smoke)with indirect heat at 500 degrees. The potato took on a lot of the red oak smoke and the outside of the spud had about 1/16 to 1/8 inch of very tasty eat'n, plus the rest was good too, with just butter, salt and pepper
    I hope that helped to clear up my original post.
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    I follow the same recipe, except I just throw 'em in the smoker when I'm doing ribs. 220 for 6 hours or 5, depending on spares/BB. Also, I wrap in foil & poke holes with a fork..

    Doesn't seem to overcook & when you open 'em up, beautiful yellow color inside.
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    Hole, Thats how I do spuds in the oven. Now Ill try it on the grill I guess.

    Just found a recipie for "Grilled Potatoe Salad". After I try it Ill let ya'll know how it turned out.

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