Grilled Sausage Bombs

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by rastafas, Nov 17, 2009.

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    Sorry, I don't own a camera, so no grill-view.

    Mrs Rastafas was out of town, and I was looking for something quick and tasty to grill. Didn't feel like burgers or wings or my normal "go to quick eats", so I grabbed a chub of sausage on the way home from work.

    I cut it into patties, set the weber up for indirect cooking, threw some nice hickory on the coals, and plopped the patties down on the grill. Let them soak in the smoke for 16 minutes. Whilst they were enjoying their hickory perfuming, I threw together some drop biscuit batter. Lighlty greased my grill top veggie cooker, plopped down as many "half biscuits" as I had patties, took the mess outside, snugged a patty into each half biscuit, and covered them with more batter, pressing the edges together lightly. Played around with the vents till I got the temp about 400 and set them to baking in the grill.

    Man they was good. Now i gotta bike for about 300 miles to work off all the fat, but it was worth it!

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