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    Grilled Pork Tenderloins (Thanks to U...OTBS)
    My Progress Report
    A 2 pk of tenderloins
    Rubbed with Jeff’s Naked Rib Rub and each wrapped in 4 thick Bacon strips…(Wright’s is very good bacon.)
    Wrapped in Plastic of 2 days…(a storm blew in I had to wait it out)
    Preheated the grill to 450 degrees (was suppose to be 400)
    Turned down the heat to fluctuate between 350 and 400 degrees. I had to open the lib, occasionally, to cool down the grilling. I kept the lid closed most of the time….
    Turned the tenderloins about every 5 minutes to brown all sides.
    Total cook time about 25 minutes

    Results: Bacon was mostly crispy and only burned in 2 places
    Tenderloin was Medium and Moist…. The flavor was good, but not great.The flavor lacked the Wow factor….

    I wrapped the tenderloins in foil and rested it for 10 minutes.

    What to improve….The propane 3 burner Webber Grill gets very hot and very fast…the lid has to be openedoccasionally to cool the ever increasing temperature.
    SO DON’T WALK AWAY FROM FROM THE GRILL. Keep a careful eye on the temperature to prevent burning.

    Whatever I did before I came to this site just doesn't count. I was playing hit or miss with no guidance. So everything is new and planned for here on out. Thanks to you guys.,
    This is my second attempt at outdoor cooking this go round…I’ve read 3 out of 5 courses from Jeff’s free 5 day ecourse….I’m going to smoke chicken thighs next…. Thanks for all the great advise from the OTBS in the archive
    I’m following where you have been and I’m at the end of wagon train, but I’m movin on with ya…This is my progress report… Thanks. Jacquie in Austin
    PS...I hope the pic comes with this....I'm having a hard time trying to post.
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    Tx, whenever I would grill a pork loin, I would put the rub on the night before and wrap. When it was time to cook I would throw some soaked wood chips in one of those little cast iron chip holders, fire up all 3 burners on high till the wood started to smoke. Then throw on the loin, put the burners on low. I wouldn't use bacon, too many flare ups. The meat would get a 1/4 turn every 1/2 hr. I would take them off when temps reached 165, about 2-2 1/2 hrs. Always came out juicy and tender and tasted very good. Now that I've smoked a couple I don't think I'll grill them again. The smoker gives them an even better flavor, and I don't have to turn them.
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    Thanks for encouraging me....You are always first...You keep me trying...
    Thanks bunches....jacq
  4. tx_rio

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    Thanks Mark...I had trouble with Weber grill getting too hot...That thing got hot like runaway horse with a coach slingin around....I felt like I was hangin on for dear life. I wanted to smoke it slow on the weber grill, but the low with all 3 burners and even 2 burners (front and back) still had the temp up to 350. I have an electric smoker,,,I could have turned that on after browning the sides, but that darn thing was cooked in 25 minutes, which is about the time I've read for oven cooking, but it was not what I was shootin for. Still, it was a success. And I've documented the experience so I can return to it. Next time, I want to do it your way, I'll just have to keep tryin.
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    Almost forgot. I would turn the middle burner off and leave the 2 outside burners on low. Also your cooking time will vary, usually when I grilled them it was for a bunch of people and I would do 2-10lbers

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