Grill Opinions?

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redneck steve

Original poster
Jul 8, 2005
LaGrangevill, N.Y.
I'm shopping for a new grill and want to get one with a pretty large cooking area. We hold a couple parties here each season that host about 125 people. Im looking real hard at the WEBER SUMMIT GOLD D6, a 6 burner unit with smoker box and rotiserie burner. All the comments I've found on the web are positive about Weber, and I've found a source with a real attractive price.

Does anyone have any comments on this unit, either way? I'm interested in hearing both the good and bad.

That is an awesome Weber unit! The guy on "Boy Meets Grill" on the Food Channel uses that same Grill. With Weber, yes you're buying a name, but you'll be able to buy replacement parts for it 10 - 15 years from now! That's one of their strongest selling points.

If you can afford it.............go for it! Jenn-Aire make a great 6 burner unit as well. They come with Cast Brass burners that will last forever!

Thanks for the reply! I was considering the units that BJs and Sams sells, but on a Google search came up with a number of bad reviews on each. They were all raving about the Weber but I wanted some opinions from this group. I found a source that has them for the same price as the Made in China unit I was looking at at Sams.
If it's not too much trouble, I would also appreciate the info on where to locate this Weber unit for a good price. Thanks.
I just purchased the 6 burner summit and that has a built in smoker. However I tried smoking this weekend, it smoked up a storm however it didn't seem like the smoke filled the inside. It looked like the smoke went right out the back and top.

Does anyone have any experience smoking with the weber summit. It grill great, even the rotisserie, however I want to give smoking a shot. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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