Greetings from Oklahoma City!

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Original poster
May 30, 2007
Oklahoma City, OK

Hi all,
I'm in Oklahoma City and I've grown up grilling all my life. I've been experimenting with smoking for about a year or so now. Last weekend, a friend blessed me with a brand new horizontal smoker with a side firebox, cast iron grills, internal dampers . . . well let's just say it's a lot fancier than my last rig (which was a garbage can).

Anyway, I've been buying hickory and mesquite chunks at Walmart ever since I started and I was wondering if any of you had any tips on where to find wood, particularly pecan and some of the softer-flavored woods. I've looked around a bit with no luck so far. What kinds of places sell wood for smoking other than grocery stores, etc?
Welcome to the SMF Chris, great site! someone will be along with info for your wood supply, thats how this place ask and you receive

P.S. is that a char griller your using?
Greetings Mr Christopher!

I go right to someones seasoned Oak pile and use that mostly........ I noticed my neighbors Maple tree suffered alot of snow/ice damage over the winter and offered to clean that up for him, I still have to head back and collect some of the downed Cherry from him too (that needs to season some more) ........... I am eying up a few Pair trees from one neighbor, and always looking for an over grown Apple tree in need of a GOOD prunning. I dont have access to mesquite or pecan trees so I get by with buying it from Lowes or HomeDepot. Bottom line is that all my friends now that I'm on the prowl for most hard & fruit woods, they are very willing to give it to you when you surprise them with a rack of ribs!

Welcome to the SMF!
Welcome aboard! If you seek you shall find, I was having the same trouble finding wood. But now that people know I have a smoker I get calls all the time asking if I need wood.
Welcome to SMF MisterChristopher. Along with the above you can also search online for wood. Some have decent prices for what you get, but shop around before buying.

Keep Smokin
Welcome to the SMF MisterChristopher. Good luck with your hunt for wood....I'm sure you'll find what your looking for. Congrat's on your new smoker, if you can we would love to see some pics of it.

Glad you found us!!
I'll take some pics this Saturday and post them. I'll be having my first cookout on it so we'll see how that goes. I'm going to a few places to look for wood today. Wish me luck!
Well, I found a place in town that sells every kind of wood I could imagine. The price wasn't too bad but it could have been better. I picked up two 1-cu.ft. bags of pecan logs and a pretty large bag of hickory.

I used some of it on this . . . my first brisket. Enjoy.

Please excuse all the leaves and junk . . . it was windy.






My already-blackened, "new" New Braunfels smoker.


Oh yeah . . . and it was awesome! Very tasty and super tender, but I need practice at trimming the fat off to the right thickness. I left way too much on some parts. It was a good first experience though. I will definitely be trying this again. Thanks again for all your help, everyone!
Welcome to SMF. That looks mighty tasty. Good luck with your new smoker.
Lookin good,

What did you do the meat prior to smokin it??

How long did it take???


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