Greetings from Northwestern, Ontario, Canada.

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Original poster
Jul 25, 2007
White River, Ontario Canada
I am really glad that I have found this forum as it has sparked me to jump into smoking which has always appealed to my interests. I live in a place called White River, Ontario and plan on smoking lots of wild game. Mostly moose and deer but some ruffed grouse and rabbit maybe some lynx to. lol. I am an addict to now smoking along with makin my own wine and brew. I have also been known to make my own spirits but dont do that anymore cause its illegal. So my 58 litre labatt beer keg made into a valved reflux nixon/stone Distiller is used for a hat rack mostly these days. (Key word here is mostly) lol. However the Grillpro smoker and the 25 gallon minibrew conical fermenter will definately be seein lots of action. So I would just like to say hello to all the fine members of these forums and that I am so excited to have found you all or as most of our american friends would say ya'll.
Smoked lynx. I figured you smoked it with a .243 or some such thing!

Guess if you want refreshments up there in the tundra you have to make your own, eh? I'd keep a low flame under it so it is ready at a moments notice, just in case. Medicinal purposes of course.
ultramag-Hootch is made all over the world. Some places its illegal like up here in Canada but that dont mean its STILL not made. lol.

Peculiarmike- Lynx leg is a very tasty treat for us hillbilly Canadians who live 300 mile from a big 40,000 person city. I just figure smoked like every other meat it would be much better. I do not live in the tundera although 600 mile north I do beleive the boreal forest does start dying off. It is very remote here for sure. Heres a link to some pics of the area The mighty timber wolf still lives in its natural habitat around here. Enjoy.

gypsyseagod- thx for the warm welcome bro. I like the sounds of a still behind every hill. Makes me positive I have found the right place.

T-bone Tim - Tell ultramag that New brunswick as well is known for more then just their spuds.
welcome to SMF

i have been to White River many many times.... when i was a kid some 30 years ago, my dad use to drive a tow truck there..i am originally from The Soo

there is lots of info on here and even more friendly people
Hi LilHoldem-NB!...Welcome to the SMF!...
...We're glad to have you aboard!!...

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