Greetings from Dallas, Texas!

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Jun 18, 2007
I have years of grilling experience on my Weber Silver B and have long been talking to my wife about wanting a smoker. Well, I guess she decided to call me on it and gave me a smoker for Father's Day! I'm glad I found this forum as I need to learn the art of smoking, and quickly! :-)

I got an Old Smokey Electric which, from what I've read is great for novices, but not exactly preferred by the purists. I'm hoping there are a few members with experience with the Old Smokey!

Looking forward to learn!
Welcome to SMF joelq!!! Be sure and sign up for TulsaJeff's 5-day eCourse and that will get you a quick start on mastering your smoker. That along with the SMF archives and good answers from great folks to the questions you have after that will have you smoking like an old pro in no time.
Big Howdy to ya joelq!
Always glad to see a fellow "Taxen" on SMF! Lots of good people willing to help ya out, just ask the questions if ya have any.
Howdy neighbor. Arlington here. Welcome to the SMF, theres a lot of really nice people here willing to help with almost anything.
Welcome to the forum from a displaced Texan. Good group of folks here with a ton of knowledge.

Welcome to the forum. You will find it's a great place to share your adventures, ask questions, meet friendly people, and find a wealth of knowledge. Have fun.

Welcome, the type of smoke you use is a matter of choice smoke what ya want when ya and how ya want.
Welcome from Temple, Texas. Glad to have you here, I recieved my smoker as a wedding gift a year ago and have since spent a couple of hours on this site every week.
Everyone will answer your questions if they know it, the thing i like is that there always seems to be someone on here to help no matter how late or early.
Welcome Joelq, from another Texan. I am just down the road a piece from you ( 123 Miles ) due East on I-20 in Longview Texas. Glad ta have another Texan in here. You will find this a nice, friendly place to either relax or to answer any and all BBQ / Smoker queries.............
Welcome Joel -

We have smokers alll of sorts here! I'm sure ole smokey isn't alone! Good luck with the new smoker but don't forget about ole smokey she may get jealous!
Welcome to the SMF! Just up the road from ya about 40 mins east on I-30. The guys here are great. Lots of knowledge and experience. You've come to the right place!
Howdy, Howdy there Joel! You've certainly came to the right place!

Welcome to the SMF!...
Glad to have you aboard!...It's a GREAT place to be!!

We have lots of Great Folks, Great Food, there's Tons of info,...and...more fun
than you can shake a rib bone at!...I think you'll like it here...

Congrats on the new smoker!...You're gonna enjoy it. And BTW...There ain't NOTHING
wrong with that Old Smokey Electric smoker!!! It's so easy to use
Just be sure the Mrs. doesn't take it away from you for herself!...Oops!...sorry...

After all...It ain't the size, type or shape that matters...It's getting to know how to
use what'cha got to turn out some great 'Q' !!!

Besides...Those Old Smokey's have always been made right there in Houston...

Check out Jeff's Free 5 Day eCourse...It'll get you started off right!...
And...the price is right to boot!!...

There's ALWAYS something new to learn...I found that out when I took the course.

It's a Great little eCourse...Lots of good stuff in there!...Take it from me!!

We're all looking forward to hearing all about your new 'Adventures'...So...
Don't forget to keep us informed!...
...and...Oh...We like pics too!...

And again Joel...Howdy and Welcome Aboard!...Glad you joined up with us.

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