Greetings from Colombia

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Apr 5, 2024
Hello Eveyone,

Colombian Guy here. Started making my own chorizos a year ago and since then, my passion and desire to learn about this art have grown a lot. Don't really know how I ended up finding this forum (I think it was a happy random accident) but after a few days of careful reading my whole vision about making sausages changed. I applied a few suggestions from the forum and the quality of my last batch considerably stepped up.

My current status is:
1 year making fresh chorizos without knowing the existence of cure#01
Do not have a professional smoker so I built a rudimentary one out of cardboard, wood frame and a thermometer.
Use a KitchenAid Stand mixer for grinding and stuffing.

Thanks in advance for everything you share here with great generosity.
Welcome from Kentucky!
I am a sausage maker, but never made Chorizo. I'm sure some of the others have though.
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