Greetings From A Connecticut Yankee

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Howdy Y'all! I'm surely glad to have stumbled onto this forum! I've been a smoke head for quite a few years but have really gone whole hog (bad pun, I know) the past 4 years or so. So much so that I plan to quit my day job in the next few years and open my own little traveling BBQ shack! I'm very grateful in advance to all the great knowledge I'm sure to pick up here that will prove invaluable in my new endevour. Right now I have a Weber Plantinum Series for grilling and a Char-Broil offset smoker (hey, it's what Home Depot sold at the time).

If anyone has any experience with either concession bbq'ing or is in the BBQ restuarant biz, any and all tips will be appreciated!
Welcome BigWilly,

I'm glad you found us. If you are a smokehead then maybe we will learn a trick or two from you. The folks here are friendly and will kindly answer your questions. I'm a home smoker only but there are some here who enter competitions and a few in food service. Hopefully they will chime in.

Check out all the topics and chime in where you wish

Have fun and do good!


Heya, Big Willy!

Welcome aboard! Sounds like you have your plans all laid out! We will be looking forward to your posts.

Perhaps you would be interested in the "Smoking for large groups" section. Then again there are tons of recipes, tips and ideas for doin' great 'Que!

Welcome aboard Big Willy,

Glad you found us, grab a cold one, pull up a chair and lets get some smoking going on. 8)
Greetings Willy!
Sounds like a cool endeavor 8) look forward to havin' ya in the threads
Welcome to SMF, Big Willy. Grab a cold one and kick back and read all the great tips, info and recipes that are here. Something will grab your interest, I'll guarantee! You may have fallen for this thing whole hog (your words-not mine :D) but there are other great foods out there just wanting to be kissed by the Thin blue.

As for running a 'que shack, one of our members (Smokin' Hillbilly IIRC) runs a mobile 'que shack and he's probably as busy as all get out with all the County and State Fairs that are going on this time of year.

Thanks for all the kind greetings and the cold ones! I'm heading out to Michigan this weekend to visit my lady and her family and, of course, puttin' meat to the smoke. I'll be using a Brinkmann water smoker there. My gf tried to buy their vertical smoker (on sale at for only 50.00!!) but it was on backorder - no wonder! Heck, Brinkmann's own site lists it at 150.00! And yes, the model numbers matched. LOL
Hi BigWilly, welcome to SMF .. happy you founf the place .. great folks and lotta help if ya need it .. we do love pics also .. food pron

BigWilly...Hello and Welcome...This is a great forum and lots of friendly people here ready to help..all ya have to do is ask...Glad to have ya here...Where in Ct. are ya...I'm down in Danbury...

Welcome BigWillie. I spent a lot of school years in CT, East Lyme to be exact (kind of in the New London area). Now Boulder, CO is home. I smoke on a Char-Broil Silver Smoker (off set style), love it. Anyway, good to have you here! Welcome! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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