Greenhouse plans

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I have a friend that has a tiny greenhouse. What he has done is he dug a hole about three feet deep. On top of the hole it looks like a little clear tent so the sun can get through. He has done this for many years and it works really well even when we have a harsh winter.
Hi Kueh,

I live in Saskatchewan in Canada and a few years ago I built a hoop house style greenhouse, it worked really nice when the wind was down and not blowing but when the wind got up it was bad news.  I had it anchored down to the point where I thought nothing can move it, just so happens that my wife and I went on a motorcyle holiday and at or around the first day we were gone the house ended up in their yard.  I have since moved to 2 x 4 construction which I should have done in the first place as here the cost was just about the same.  Your lumber cost can be kept down as you don't even have to go to 24" centres etc.

Good luck,

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