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Jul 12, 2009
If any one needs any "green" advice I'll be glad to help. I have huge gardens and have learned by years of experience. Glad to help in any way I can!
I could use help with free labor in my garden. Damn weeds grow faster than I can dig em up. :) Glad there is someone here with a green thumb. mine is stained with dirt and weed pulp

This is the stuff I use, however, with finding that pic I realized it's under a recall....lovely! Weed n Feed and mulch are my bestest garden friends! Oh and a lovely lil vine called vinca vine, snuffs out any weeds. Plus the stuff can live in any kind of horrible condition!
Hey Fourthwind.
I was/am having the same problem with weeds taking over. I have 80 something tomato plants, I was planning on about 100 but the weeds were taking up so much of my time it was ridiculous.
What I resorted to doing was laying down newspaper, 2 sheets thick and then about 2" of straw on top of that, dried out grass clippings work great also. Depending on your area hay or straw may be easy to come by, here it was a bit of a hassle for me to find but eventually I got some and now the only weeds I need to worry about are the ones I haven't covered yet, but the covered parts all I have to do now is walk through and care for my plants and not worry about weeds.

KSUDS-I do have a question about one of my plants.
I have a row of black from Tula tomatoes and they are growing pretty good, one plant on the end of the row started curling its leaves in, now the plant is a bit darker green than the others, most of the leaves have curled in and it has that slight "gold dust" color on some of the leaves.
Wasn't able to find out exactly what the problem is. Other plants next to it look like they should but I wanted to see if you knew what was wrong with the one plant.
never heard of the newspaper and straw idea. My garden isn't very big. I have two 6 by 6 raised beds that I do herbs in, and a 30 by 20 foot area that I have two rows of corn, three Tomato's, three peppers, and a pumpkin in. Pigweed and crawling ivy type weeds are my biggest headache. Would likely be easier if the neighbor would kill his weed lot next door. As long as I keep up with it and dont leave town, it's not back breaking, but I do spend at least 10 minutes a day with the hoe. worst part is having to hand pluck the pigweed out of the cilantro and onion bed.

If I had to guess on the tomato issue it sounds like early signs of blight.
Be careful, newspaper seems to attract "rollie-pollies" aka pill bugs! In my garden at least. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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