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Nov 23, 2006
north port florida
Signed up couple of days ago can't read enough , what a great place!!!!I have been grillin and smokin a long time , can't wait to try all the terrific ideas and recipes. Thanks Frank :D
Glad you enjoy the site Frank!! I hope you have a "Got To Try" list started cuz you'll need it!. You'll see something and say "I gotta try that" and then you'll see something else and you will want to try that too and soon-well-it just kind of snowballs itself in to a state of major confusion and you won't know where to start.

So what you do then is cut off each item on your list, fold it and put them all in a hat and pull one out and that's your first smoke project. When you want to do something else, just reach into the hat and pull out another project. You could take this a step further and put all the meats recipes into one hat and all the sides into another then select one meat and two sides and have a ready made menu!! :P

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