Grandson in the Hospital

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Jul 7, 2005
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Folks, Grumpa Dutch here asking for your prayers for my grandson Daron. He's laying in a hospital bed scheduled for surgery in the morning.

I was out weeding my garden when my daughter came running out of the house yelling that the baby wasn't breathing (guess I can't really call him a baby-he's almost two). By time I got over the garden fence, the little tyke was unconscious and turning blue. I managed to clear his airway and he started crying and coughing something fierce. Every time he coughed we were clearing bits and pieces of his supper from his mouth. My daughter took him to Primary Children's Hospital just to have them check Daron out. It seems that some of what he choked on went into his lungs.

Later this morning they are going to insert a tube into his throat and try to suction his bronchial tubes out-at least that's what we're hoping for as it is the least invasive. The other option is to punch a hole in his lung between his ribs and insert a tube that way . . .my daughter said she can't recall what else the Doc said was involved cuz she just kind of tuned the Doc out after the part about punching a hold in the baby's lung.

Got to be up to the hospital in 6 hours. . . I still need to talk to the Boss upstairs and get to bed.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and prayer,
i'll send out as many prayers as i can ... he'll be ok .. if i can do an more just let me know ..
god bless
sorry to here that Dutch. the lil guy will be in my prayers tonight. hope all goes well, and keep us posted
thats really scary dutch as my wife is a nurse & anything entering the lung other that air is a great concern for infection...ya got my prayers- we have (i'm a first rsponder medic certified myself)but as she's state licensed & current- we've pulled 2 first responders in 2 months(1st on scene)and i just have to sit back & take care of aimee... long story short... our prayers & best wishes to you & yours Dutch.
as i just turned 39 w/ a new baby again...(my oldest turned 17 on the 31st of july)... i worRy f*rt & just have to go watch her sleep.... just to make sure....... night all- all our prayers & powers to Dutch & his....
Sorry to hear this Earl. Our prayers and best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery for your grandson are headed your way. Keep us informed please as we will be thinking of you.
I'll send some up too! Make sure that little man get's plenty of ice cream!
My prayers will be for his complete recovery at God speed. Take care my friend.
Dutch, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your grandson and family. Please let us know how everything is going.
Our thoughts and prayers to you and your family, Dutch. Please keep us updated on his progress...
your granson and y'all are in my morning prayers right now. All will be well Dutch. By the way, YOU saved his life last nite. God puts us where we need to be!!!
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