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Discussion in 'Pork' started by ldrus, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. ldrus

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    Getting things in order for Saturday  having a open house for my daughter  i am  serving pulled pork and  wicked BB,  not sure what the wife is cooking ???? lol i just worry about the important stuff lol    putting  butts in  fridge tonight  to start the thaw, will  season up on Wednesday night  and taking day off work on Friday  to cook them  will post pics as i start every thing .  one question i have  is  i have 4 10lbrs      how many do you think that will feed comfortably ?   when we sent out invites we had on there "RSVP"  ..... i thing we got 3  calls   so i either have  40lb for 3 families or 40 lb for a whole bunch (guessing around 60 peps)
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    40 lbs raw weight will yield around 20 lbs of cooked weight and I usually figure 1/3 lb per sandwich so you should have enough for around 60 sandwiches by my figures. Some will try to stretch it to 1/4 lb sandwiches but I find if people make their own its more like 1/3 lb
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    all i know is whatever we make for the kids and thier friends it is always gone in the morning so you cannot cook to much.

    i just know our kids realize how lucky they are we dont just order pizzas for thier parties like most of the other parents do!!!

    They all want the party to be at our homes which is a good thing,   we can watch em closer then

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