Gotta love Walmart this time of year

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Nice find! I spotted your thread as I was wondering about covers myself, got a 820 XL for Christmas.

The PB brand cover gets poor reviews, but it would seem that its more important to cover and keep a pellet grill dry than any other grill type.

I’d rather pay more for a better cover, than to drop $60 on one that they say won’t last a year.

Funny you say that. My cover already has a small hole in the top of it. It's not bad but I shouldn't have any wear on it for only being 3 months old. I reached out to pit boss to see if they had any "heavier duty" covers but they told me no.
Found that Walmart had the best price on a cover for an equivalent size - the Austin XL for my 820XL, at $50, plus the option to get a 3-year warranty for $8.50.
I'm good with under $60 for a cover guaranteed to at least last through one replacement (they usually don't maintain the replacement coverage for the term if they replace it once, but 2 covers for less than 60 isn't bad).
The last few covers I've gotten for grills, smokers, and patio equipment have been lasting 3+ years. There's been some huge improvements in the materials in these things in the last decade. And the smaller ones (for my vertical smoker and storage cabinet) have been <$15 on Amazon.

Your deck looks great and I am not sure if a Pit Boss will drip.
Maybe you should get an outdoor mat underneath it to be sure to keep your deck looking good.
...not sure if a Pit Boss will drip...
Even if the cooker doesn't drip, the cook will, or that's been my experience. If your deck (or concrete, or pavers, etc) isn't very well sealed, a mat or drip pan will eventually be appreciated. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.