Gotta love cleanup week

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Mar 27, 2007
Mandan North Dakota
Hey Everyone.

I made a great find todat driving down the street. See it's cleanup week here. I was driving down the street and I seen a little cheif smoker siting in a pile of junk. So I stopped and grabbed it real quick and took it home. It's an older one. I got it home and tested it out and it works, so I cleaned it up and its almost as good as new. It even had all the racks and chip pan and drip pan for it. One thing I like about it over my newer model little cheif is that it has a rod with hooks across the top the is built into the smoker. My newer one doesn't have that feature.


2 little cheifs
I am not allowed to look at the neat stuff on the side of the road and bring it home anymore.

Me neither that is how I ended up with two little chiefs. In fact now I am unable to get my vehicle in the garage so until I get rid of some stuff I am not allowed to even look
I shouldn't look at stuff along the side of the road, but what the heck. I think two little cheifs are enough. I am not sure what I am going to do with this one I just got. But I thought it was a waste to see it go to the trash. If it didn't work I thought it was atleast worth recyling the aluminum.


2 little cheifs
Is a Little Chief a good smoker? I'm looking to get either a propane or an electric smoker for my first one, and I'm not sure. Would a Little Chief be a good one to start out with?'s clean-up week here as well ....all I got was a drop spreader for lime that a friend wanted and a little girl's bike for another friend.....and all I wanted was something to make another smoker out of :( ....ooh well maybe tomorrow night ?
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