Got My Sausage Supplies and I still have questions???

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by davemo, Nov 28, 2007.

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    Ok let me list my stuff i got . 1 summer sausage mix for 25lbs meat,instructions simply say : Add to 3#water and 1ounce dq cure. 2.1 lb dq curing salt (prague powder #1) 3. 8 oz encapsulated citic acid directions use 1.5 oz in 25 lb of meat. 3. meat binder use 2 oz to 25# meat. and i got fibrous casings hog ring piers and hog rings . Ok my plan is to grind my meat friday night and add the cure and seasoning and meat binder and maybe the citric acid.Now i have heard i need to let the meat "cure" overnight in the fridge.Can i go ahead and add the citric acid and stuff the sausage then let it cure overnight in the casings??? Or do i let it cure over night in a container then add the citric acid and stuff right before i cook it???? thanks for the help guys i am almost there I THINK [​IMG]
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    This is my method,go ahead and stuff it.wipe it off good and let it air dry cause a wet or greasy casing wont take smoke.Once its good and dry cook it whenever your ready,it wont hurt to let it sit overnight.I would let it warm up a bit at room temp before putting it in the smoker.This just helps it come up to temp easier.Never let ground meat sit in the open air of a fridge cause in the morning it will be all crusty and damn hard to stuff.I usually smoke mine as soon as its dry.Never regrind once you have added the encapsulated acid,the little particles are not supposed to be busted open before smoking.Hope this helps you out,David
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    You have received great advice from both Texas-Hunter and dacdots, I agree with them both. I have tried letting it sit mixed for a few hours and it simply is not enough time for the cure to saturate all the meat completely before smoking; you will end up with a product that does not have much for refridgerator shelf life.

    Be sure and post pics of your work in progress and end results !!!
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    Hey congrats Dave!

    Grind your meat and mix your meat and mix your spices first - then add the citric acid last. As David said you don't want to break the capsules - they won't disovle until they reach 135ºF so you don't need to worry about putting the meat in the fridge. Stuff them in the same night if you can and let the sausages sit over night or two nights in a bag with the air sucked out.

    Spicey or tangy sausages taste better if they get to rest a day or two before smoking. Lets the spices and meat blend together and gives the citric acid time to do it's thing.

    Good luck and ENjoy!

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