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Got a little impatient


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Stall took longer than anticipated, so I served chopped pork instead of pulled pork. Still delicious and tender, just a little different texture than if I had left it on.

All the probes...

More probes than a UFO. Top level = hot italian sausages for afternoon snack. Probed two of them just to check for differences in how the upper left side of the chamber heats up versus the upper right.
Tray = maple syrup. Smoked maple syrup is fantastic for breakfasts, glazing unsmoked pork/ham, and also for cocktails. I mix in a little apple cider for both flavor and to keep it from losing too much moisture and crystalizing.
Rub was a simple mix of SPOG plus a little Tajin (brand name for a coarse but flavorful lime/hot pepper powder).

Ruby red!

Not quite as tender as I usually take it to, but still a lovely color and bark (considering I wrapped it to try and hurry things along a little)

What is this, Magic Eye or something?

Vast tracts of... pork...?

Border like a Valentine's card

Smoke ring, for those that care. Also shows the texture being a little more like roast pork than typical pulled pork. #NotThatTheresAnythingWrongWithThat

If it's blurry, it's tears of joy. Or something.

Not pictured: dressing of oil, sauteed garlic, lime, cardamom, cumin, cayenne, and cilantro. Served atop wild rice and with baby asparagus under its own sauce (leftover salad dressing, shh!) and white pepper.


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Great looking meal, pulled sliced chopped, pork ....yes
Like the maple syrup idea


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Looks great. I have had to do that a time or two cause I was short on time. The syrup is new to me.


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Man i wouldnt turn down an invite to a plate or two of that. Looks darn good.


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Looks perfect to me! It’s good to remember chopped pork is delicious too! I love the smoked maple syrup idea. I’ve never thought of that, but will definitely be doing it. Great smoke session! Thank you!


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Looks great chopped pork is good for a change of pace. If you really feel the need or are running short on time when you hit the stall take a large fork or knife and stab the butt several times most of the time this will break the stall. The syrup is new to me as well but sounds good may have to try that one.


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Great looking smoke ring. Looks delicious.

Timing shoulders for dinner that night is tough. Many here (including me) are of the opinion that smoking and pulling pork the day before is a lower stress option and gives a better finished product.


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Looks Great !!
Chopped, Pulled, Sliced, Shredded, I'll take it any time!!
Nice Job!


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