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Sep 16, 2006
Let's hear the whole thing...Thinking of buying one but would like some input before I take the plunge...Never thought I would entertain the thought of "Set It and Forget It"
BTW, Great Avatar!

But to business..The GOSM must still be monitored for temp and such. But if it goes down all you do is turn up the throttle and do not have to mess around guessing if how much more wood is enough or is fifteen briquettes too much.

The GOSM big block has a great capacity and with its moveable shelves can accomodate just about any size piece of meat the average smoker will want to process.

I really enjoy mine and I highly recommend the GOSM. But be fair to yourself and investigate the other brands and types. This is not a life or death situation requiring an immediate decision.

So, go window shopping, play touchy feely with some of the display models, and if questions still linger post them!

cajun_1, Monty has given you some good advice. I too use the GOSM Big Block and love it. I still find myself looking at off set smokers and drawing plans for my own smoker-one day I'm going to become a stick burner but I'll always have my GOSM.
My main reason for asking about this unit, is because so many here seem to have one. That's 1 point.... If there are any bad points of this unit, by asking in this post, I shall be forewarned. That's another point... Same with the good aspects of the unit.. Another point... Theres 3 points for this unit so far. When I do eyeball this unit..I will have some type of points to compare to other units that I maybe considering. Word of mouth is the best advertisement.......
Other than one or two being damaged when the box was opened I have not heard a bad or even less than good opinion of the GOSM Big Block Gasser. The only moan is that the Stainless Steel Double walled version is not currently available. (At about twice the price...but worth it!)

I bought mine through Home Depot. It is not a stock item there and only available online or via catalog order. BUT, hit a father's day sale, free shipping, abd I have not in the least regretted the purchase! Uh, yah, uh try to find a free shipping deal. That puppy has a ship weight of about 90 pounds!

But anyway I bought the thing upon the very good marks it received here on this forum.

Hope this helps!
Don't remember seeing one in my local HD, the reason , catalog/online only. According to Dutch, they're no longer availabe to his knowledge.
Only the Stainless Steel model is not available. The black single wall is very much alive and well. The Black model is about $189 and the SS model went for about $399. But the black model can be in your front yard five days after ordering it!
Single wall vs double wall...good grade of metal? It snows (hate that word) where I hail from, but love q'ing in the winter. Hunting season is almost on top of us. If my friends knew that I was looking into saugage making and a new smoker, they'd be ringing my phone at all hours....
Believe me! I know the feeling. Every year I make sausages, both link and bulk, for an ongoing hunter's breakfast which is a charity benefit! I am already being blessed with donated pork butts, venison, bear, rabbit and you name it. I provide the muscle, spices and other stuff. And I love doing it!

And the guys at work will not leave me alone!

Best O' Luck!

BTW! You don't get any more snow than I do! :P

I live in the Northeast Kingdom Of Vermont!


I want to chime in here also. I love my GOSM. It made smoking accessible for me. I don't have a place to store or use an offset smoker. I also don't have room to rack more than about a face cord of wood on my property.

I find that sitting in my canvas chair, sipping a lovely beverage while monitoring the temps is very soothing and satisfying. It is not quite set it and forget it. The temps fluctuate depending on wind, sun, (the unit is black) and ambient air temp. The food is good too!

I got my unit at Gander Mountain.

Have fun and do good.



Edit: P.S. - I get lots of snow here also!
Thanks meowey..what model # do you have if I may ask? Seems GOSM makes different size models....True...alot of us get the white stuff.
Just a little side note, Cajun_1; the GOSM does not come with a tank. So buy two tanks and you will forever be happy!

Right now I have a gas grill and the GOSM and I own three current style tanks. Almost like I run the Department of Redundancy Department! :lol:

Hope you decide soon and get on with your food adventures! Keep us posted and remember we love food porn! (Pics of good food!)

Already have a few of those propane tanks...use them for weed burning....The digital camera always near by with extra batteries..

Take your time and trust all your brothers and sisters on this forum. Seems like you are already set up. All you have to do is order the puppy and you can even take pics of its arrival!

Whatever you decide good luck and God bless!

I have the smallest GOSM. I can't remember the model number. It has enough space that I can do 4 pork butts and still have room for some fatties and ABT s. I get about 30 hours on one 20 pound propane tank. I figure that I will use more gas during the colder months.

Hope this helps.

Maybe something could be built around it to help insulate during the winter momths? Just a thought.
All you need is a windbreak. Nothing fancy. Keep the snow off the top and keep the wind away. That will assist you in maintaining even temps.

You will use more fuel during cold weather but that is an expected norm.

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