GOSM wide body: Grease pan and rack placment

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Feb 6, 2006

I fired up the new GOSM wide body last weekend. It was nice, don't get me wrong, but I miss playing with the fire.

Anyway I have a few questions from my smoke session.

1) I did one boston but on the first shelf above the water pan. I did two racks of ribs on the next rack above. I then had two whole fryer chickens on the top rack. The ribs had a nice, and thourough, smoke look (Pink as normal). The chicken definetly took in a nice amount of smoke. HOWEVER the boston but only had a faint smoke ring. I was wondering should I not use the bottom rack above the water pan? Would it get more smoke closer to the top of the smoker? Smoke output was blue the whole time from the exit damper.

2) Grease pan/tray, do you line it with foil for easier cleanup? I did my water tray but not grease pan.

3) I also removed the cast iron wood box as all of the wood was too long. I used a baking tray, it seemed to work great. I will be buying a table saw for my next smoke, I think, to cut the wood down to size. What do you use to cut wood down to the 6X2 range? I tried a tree saw, jigsaw and circular saw. I enviosioned a few fingers getting in the mix.

Thank you,

Reflect, you can use foil in the grease pan to make for eaiser cleanup, just as you did your water pan. I'm not sure on getting better smoke with the placement of food, however I would have put the chicken on the bottom. Mainly so the chicken drippings wouldn't get on the other food, this is just my paranoid food saftey opinion. Also I've had some pretty good Que that didn't have a thick smoke ring but still had wonderful smoke flavor, how did the Boston Butt taste?
Reflect- You can line the grease pan with foil just the widest roll of heavy duty foil that you can find. I get mine from a resaruant supplier. Normally I just clean it out with a plastic putty knife- if the putty knife gets too gross looking I can just toss it.

I try not to use the rack placement closest to the water pan just for the fact that the water pan acts as a baffle and sends the smoke up the sides and by-passing anything right above the water pan. I try to place as much meat as I can in the top half of the smoker for the optimum smoke flavor-
Thanks Earl. I was thinking exactly that on the lowest rack. Next weekend I will try a Boston butt or two but on the top shelf.

Lady J, it tasted OK but just was off in my mind. I guess the minor smoke ring might have psyched me out but my wife mentioned it didn't taste the same before I asked her.

Thank you,

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