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That will actually be based on how much heat your producing. If you have to kick it up due to wind, that will burn more gas. Based on average smoking temperatures, you should have at least 20 hours of smoke time. This is an approximation. Try to track your time for future reference, log it.
I have found that when ambient temps are above 60F that I get almost 30 hours on one 20 lb bottle. I have 3 20 lb bottles that I cycle through the smoker so I always have a full bottle on hand in case I run out in the middle of a smoke,

Hope this helps.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


I wish I could give you an answer for your question, but to be honest mine still hasn't ran out yet. As hard as this is going to be to belive I've smoked well over 30 hours and it still has some left in it. I think I may be hitting bottom soon, as the bottle is really light now. I don't go over 220 very much, I have the smaller GOSM.
Lots of variables to consider, outside temp, cooking temp, which GOSM used, and how much food being cooked. I generally get 20-24 hours from one 20# bottle of propane with my Big Block at about 250F loaded up with meat and the outside temperature around 70-85F.
Better send your car to Lowe's to get you an extra tank
My GOSM generally gives me about 24 hours at a little less than half throttle on a usual smoke...with the smoker loaded on a twenty pound tank. I gave that twenty pound tank to my grill.

I have two forty pound tanks dedicated to the smoker. May sound like overkill but I am never without propane. I can only fit a twenty pound tank on my grill so I have two of those. And I always have propane for the grill. I own several other propane cookers and I always have propane because I have extra tanks.

Bottom line, take the worry out of getting too close on propane and spring for an extra tank or two!

DISCLAIMER!!! I am NOT a propane tank salesman nor am I in any way connected to the business of manufacturing, distributing or sales of propane tanks!

It just makes good common sense to have an extra!

Also, if you have some of the old style tanks with the threads on the inside of the valve, you can take them to Walmart and exchange them for a FULL new style tank. Its around $16. Much cheaper than buying a new tank and getting it filled.
First .. Happy Birthday...

Hope ya had a good day..
Is that tank exchange a local promotion???? Haven't heard of it around here...Thanks...
Heya, Richard!

A lot of convenience stores, "home centers", and others have a tank swap program. If you have a tank to swap you an get a full tank for about three times the price of a normal fill up!.

Here's the key!
If you have a code approved tank get it refilled. The tank swap thingy will cost you dearly!
If you have one of the old style inside thread only tanks swap it you will make out....but only once.

From that point forward get your OPD tank refilled.

Thanks Monty...
I know the different stores..including grocery stores have a tank exchange program...but didn't know there was a swap program for the older style tank....got stuck buying 3 new tanks last year...still have two old ones left...have to do a little more checking ...
Thanks again..
Hey Richard, thanks! I don't know if the local walmart offers the swap only locally, but I sure doubt it. Seems like whatever those people do is national. But for $16 and a new style tank, plumb full, you can't touch it anywhere else for that. Terry
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