GOSM smokers

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May 2, 2007
and that i have 2 and used them for along time, Ill take a crack at helping with any questions you might have.

check at wal-mart they have the big block for $128
Wish I could but they don't offer the Big Block here in Cancuckland. Walmart only has the 3605.

I think no one offers the Big Block in store in Canada unless you special order.

Do you fill your smoke box up completely wood when you are starting a smoke and then just add? I have only smoked twice with my GOSM, but with good success just not sure if I am using to many chips . Thanks for any help on this!
Jts70 yes i fill it up tho i use chunks more then chips, I dont let the wood turn to ash in my GOSM Ive read that many times over the years its said to produce a bad taist i dont know how right that is but saving the black charcoaled wood can be used later as charcoal, i just dump out the pot and add more if i dont have another pot filled and ready to go.
you cant really use to many chips, dont pack the wood in just leave it loose but fill it up, when i use chunks ill put those in and then fill in the gaps with chips of a different wood.

Thanks! Hard to find chunks here, mostly chips. I do have my eyes open for the chunks Thanks again.
Hey Jeff, is mayville in the thumb area? have u tried lowes or depot, they both have chunks, hickory n mesquite, i think you'll be happier with the smoke from the chunks

Yeppers just about 25 miles north of Lapeer. I work in Lapeer and have to make a Depot run today anyway(Damn moles, Grubx time). So I'll see if they have any chunks. Thanks!

Bubba if you are ever up this way there is a small Mennonite store that has bulk spices you would not believe the prices .Bulk beans and flour too. Let me know if you want directions. You can fill up a grogery cart full of spices and not even come close to breaking $50. Might be worth the trip for you or your team mates,

Thanks for the tip Jeff, if u could PM me with that i will definetly look into that as i am getting ready to stock up here shortly
Sounds like a good deal there wish i were up that way
id stock up too. You guys do UPS there id send a list of what i need and do you take paypal? :-)

i know there was another person that had a few questions on GOSM smokers, cant think of who it was now
Chrish, another questions for you. This weekends smoke I noticed the paint on my door beginng to bubble up is this something I should worry about. maybe scrape off and repaint or just let it be. We had some really strong winds this weekend and I had to make alot of adjustments with the temps.

On another note I think the wife and I still have a paypal account if you are serious , UPS pick everyday, l et me know
Jeff -

Are these people actually Mennonite's? They still don't use chemicals right?
So were taking organic spices to boot right?

Yes, they are Mennonite's. Everything is organic, not one chemical!! I just love the place. The veggies and fruits are the freshest I have ever seen, I have in fact seen them turn trucks around because of the poor quality!
jts70--- is it on the outside or inside that its peeling off?
if its on the inside i dont worry just scrape it off and the next time its used it will be covered up from the smoke.

if its on the out side, I use the black grill paint from wal-mart and i might use a stove black "its a really dence black paste".
I would have to say they have just about everyting you could need. I use alot of spices and not just the run of the mill stuff and they have yet to disappoint me!
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