GOSM smoke pot replacment

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May 2, 2007
I made these just 2 weekends ago, my cast iron one was cracking big time so i made some new ones.

The ones in the mew models are tiny. I dread the day when my smoke box cracks. Guess I'll have to use a cast iron pan.
theres a few i know that use a cast iron pan, might have to cut the handle off but it works.
Wal Mart has some about the size of a large hand looks to be similar. I used them in my grill before the smoker(s). I'm thinking they were less than $10. Might be good to get a spare while they're available.
I saw one at Wallyworld that was larger than the stock GOSM box, cast iron. I might get that one and keep the smaller one in the gas grill.
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