GOSM review and a few questions

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Jun 26, 2007
Central Ohio
Was on vacation last week and put my gosm to the test. Did some country style ribs, a fatty and a boston butt for pulled pork. I really like the unit, it was easy to put together, held temp great, got smoke really quick, the thermometer seemed right on. About the only complaint is the small wood box and its hard to get it out to add more wood and I dont think there is any way to add to it without taking the box out.

a few questions
About how many hours do you get out of a tank? (I have the smaller gosm)

Would chunks work better than chips? I had wood chips and they didnt seem to smoke very long.

I pull the whole rack out of mine, and quickly close the door. I do not think there is a better way, just dump the hots into a bucket of water and throw in the flower beds.

I use chunks with chips (hickory chunks and apple or cherry chip) smokes longer and I really like the flavor.

I get about twenty hours out of a tank I am guessing , I have 4 so I never run out and I do not always let them run completely out.

I would not trust the thermometer, some days mine is right on and others I have no idea what it is reading, could be off as much as twenty degrees either way.

So how did you smoke turn out any pics??
No pics of the smoke but just put posts in the pork and sausage forums.

Can you still get the lid on the box if you use chunks, or does it matter if the lid is on?
Use chunks, don't soak them, you can add chips if you like, don't soak them either. Leave the lid off the wood box, not needed and gets more air to the wood.
Buy a large pair of Channelock type pliers. You can remove/replace the box easily with them, and wrangle your racks while hot if need be.
I tend to use the wood chips (soaked) without the cover. I also use a channel lock pliers to pull the box and reload it. As far as gas usage goes, I did a 7 hour rib smoke and a 12 hour brisket smoke this past weekend witha full tank and I estamate that the tank is still over half full. I can usually get 6 to 7 long smokes on one tank of propane. I do have the gas grill's tank handy just in case it should run out.
I don't use the wood box at all in my GOSM. I found it too small and awkward to use. I use a big coffee can instead. I used tin snips to cut down the height a bit. I find this MUCH easier to use and it will hold far more chunks than the box that came with the unit.
I have the same smoker. I just used mine five days in a row and I guestamate that I have 1/2 tank left. I do not really pay to much attention because I have a backup tank.
I dumped the little smoke box for a loaf pan. It holds more wood and heats up faster. I cover it w/ HD aluminum foil w/ holes punched in it. I did not want the wood to flare up on me.
I bought a pair of heavy duty dual thickness work gloves for $2 and I use them to take the pan out to add more wood. Should have spent the extra $5 and got the welders gloves or those fancy silicone oven mitts.
The smokes does loss a lot of heat when you open the door but mine has more than enough btu's bring the temp back up quickly. Then turn it back down. To maintain my 225deg.
I also have a thermometer w/ dual probes. I can monitor the temp of the meat and the smoke chamber. If either probes get out of range an alarm goes off. I have had this happen only twice. I ran out of propane on what I thought was my full tank and one time I forgot to refill the water and it got to hot.
Only thing I need now is an actual working surface. I use the top of the smoker as a shelf while adding food or wood but everything you set there gets damn hot for some reason…..
I made this mod on my GOSM as well, pretty soon after getting it. The only downside I see to it is that I sometimes have problems with flare ups. A little foil with holes punched in the top to control airflow works out ok, since I dont soak my chunks, but it all depends on how dry the wood is that you are getting. My local (and only) source of chunks at WallyWorld is hit or miss. Seems like I just went through a whole bag of tinder-dry wood.
Finally, I ordered up some wood online and we'll see how that works out.

It does make it easier, and I do recommend doing something along those lines. Find what works for you!
The loaf pan works great, poke a few small holes in the sides for air flow.


DO NOT buy one that has any type of non-stick coating.

Exposed to flame, the coating gives off bad fumes. Read the warning on the next item you see with non-stick in a store.
I have found that if I don't put the lid on my pan it catches fire. I don't soak my chips either. I use a pair of tongs to add more wood and I have been using chips and (I can't think of the name) but they're a step up from sawdust and a step down from chips. I get them at Sportsmans Warehouse. Cabela's also carries wood.
I only use chunks and do not soak them. I usually start with 2-3 and add every 1 to 1-1/2 hours 1 or two more chunks. My silicone gloves are use when adding more wood chunks.
Loose the wood box that it came with and use either a cast iron pan or an aluminium cake or loaf pan.

There is no rule that says you have to use what came with the smoker.
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