GOSM heat leval warning

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May 2, 2007
Its been posted on how to get past the pre stop locations on setting the burnners to a lower setting almost to the point a cat sneezing can put out the flame, and leaking propain for 15 and with a flash fire or spark will end someone in the hospital, dont mess with the dials.

best idea so far is get the $10 hot plate from walmart and the 10 inch cast iron skillit 12 buck maby less some wood chips. A HELLEVA LOT LESS IN MED BILLS

play it safe and that blue flame comming out of the bottem of your grill, and you say dont mind that its alwase done that, could be a hazered.

hate to think of your little all time slugger there of a kid that got the home run to be put in the hospital by a minor modafacation you thought was shure to work on the grill, you really willing to take that chanch?
Any device using propane has to meet gov't regs in order to be considered consumer safe so you really need to be careful when changing something. I also have a hard time believing a company would build a product that could not obtain the primary expectations of the consumer. Afterall, their objective is to make money. When smoking food, keeping the temperature of the smoker at 225F is by far the one of the main goals desired usually and one the smoker mfg should attempt to obtain with their product. Considering this I look for a component issue such as a bad regulator that is putting out too much pressure and call the mfg putting pressure on them for resolution. Modification should be considered as a last resort and very carefully.
Save yourself the hassles and the effort and buy a Smoke Vault! Mine is adjustable with the front dial from 90 to 400.


heres a comment from a guy using a GOSM

I was smoking a bunch of different meats one fine January day here in
upstate New York. I was kind of on a schedule. Went out to check
dinners progress and noticed the pit's temp was real low. Like under
100. Opened the door, found the flame had gone out, but the gas was
running. (Windy day, no surprise the flame got snuffed.

Anyhow, not thinking too clearly, I closed the door and turned the
knob for the igniter just before I got the latch closed. That thing
lit all right, damn near blew the door off the hinges, bent the door
and left a dent in my head. Good thing I'm built from sturdy, dense
German stock or that might have hurt. (Actually, it hurt like a
sonofagun, both my skull and my pride. Only took a couple beers to
make the hurt stop though.)

Managed to finish cooking with no more flame outs, and dinner was, as
always, mighty fine.

But it your flame does go out, take the hit in time, open your smoker
up, let it clear for a few minutes, then re-start with the door wide
open. Your head will thank you.

what i do when i want a lower temp is prop the door open.

some are wanting a temp of 175 and thats understandable, i would suggest a smaller burnner and i beleve Brinkman sells a lower BTU burner in the range of 150-275 maby 300 range,

an idea i had was to use potters clay and plug up a few of the burner outlets thus making it a smaller BTU burner, less flame less heat, its still a mod to the grill, i cant see any real danger in doing this, maby someone else can tho, but even then i wouldent try it.
Anyhow, not thinking too clearly,I closed the door and turned the knob for the igniter just before I got the latch closed. That thing lit all right, damn near blew the door off the hinges, bent the door and left a dent in my head. QUOTE]

And that, boys and girls, is why we DO NOT LITE propane or natural gas units with the doors closed. Keep the door open and stand off to one side when lighting. If you do have a buildup of gas, allow it to dissipate completely before attempting to re-light the unit.
Explosions equal air delivery of finished food, Trouble is, to some one else's neighborhood. They won't even bring any to you in the hospital ,if you survived to make it there. Air Delivery doesn't provide the receiver with an address until the 6 O'clock news, food would be gone by then!
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