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Sep 7, 2006
Andover, KS
I have a GOSM wide-body with only one air-damper on the top of the unit. After several hours of smoking, I have a difficult time getting the wood chunks to smoke with the temp down to 225-230.

My question is this: Do you think it would be a good idea to modify the smoker by installing air-dampers on both sides, near the bottom? Do you think that this would allow better smoke at low temps due to better air circulation near the wood box?

I am a new member and must tell you that this forum is great. I have read many posts and you folks have provided me with a wealth of smoking knowledge. Your help is very nuch appreciated.
I don't know that more air flow is going to help the situation enough to make a big difference.. many folks use a thinner gauge metal container such as a coffee can and it will smoke faster and easier than the thick metal box it comes with.

You may have to cut the coffee can down to size and even be a little creative to make it sit in place but it will work great. Alternatively you could use a an old cake pan if you can sneak one out of the kitchen that want be missed.

I always put the chunks in first before the meat and turn the heat on high with the door open to let the box and the wood get really hot then at the first sign of smoke I place the meat on the racks, close the door and turn down the heat once the gauge gets about 20 degrees shy of my target temperature.

As far as the air dampers go.. some of the wide body smokers come with an air vent in each side so it would not hurt the air flow any to add them I just don't know that it will help enough to make the wood smoke better at low temperatures.

One other thing.. I never soak my chips before use in the GOSM.

I have the narrow version of the GOSM. According to the instruction manual, opening the top vent will cool the smoker and closing the top vent will let it warm up. Again, according the the manual the bottom vents are used to allow air to the wood box to increase or decrease smoke production. I tend to run the smoker with the bottom vents closed to minimum and the top vent open to maximum.

I will only put 2 chunks of wood in the box at one time. I will add 2 chunks every time I spray or mop the meat. I have used the cake pan mod also. I makes smoke a bit sooner because the metal is thinner. I will also turn the smoker on and let it come up to temp while I prepare the meat. Usually by the time I'm ready to put it in there is smoke and the temps have settled between 220-240, which is an acceptable range.

Hope this helps.

Another thing I do in addition to preheating the wood on high is to make sure the wood makes contact with the metal. If you have a 4" diameter branch and cut a 2" to 3" disc, ensure it is laying flat in the box instead of on its side so that the most surface area of the wood comes in contact with the hot metal. Also if the wood was large enough to split, lay it wood grain side down instead of bark side down to gain more contact. The more surface area that touches the more heat gets transferred to the wood, the easier it will smoke.

I've heard of some people adding a few chips in along with their chunks to help get things smoking. They say it works.
Thank you everyone for your input. I can always count on this forum for good information.
Am curious about this lower vent issue. My GOSM also has no bottom vents, but as I see this, the whole bottom is open under the burner. Would not the air enter through there,voiding the need for bottom vents ? Your thoughts ?
I also have the GOSM without the lower vents, and yes it is difficult to get the chunks smoking at the lower temps. I generally use a different source (either my gas grill or my turkey fryer burner) to get the chunks going. This way I can "crank" up the heat and get a good smoke in before adding them to the smoker. I also use a coffee can in the smoker as well. The can takes less to heat up and there is simply more room for the chunks than in the smoker box that came with the unit.
Don't remember who it was told how to make a lower damper for the GOSM to get better smoke, but man it sure does a great job!!
Took me about 45 minutes to make one from scratch and I've got thin blue like never before!
Best forum goin' -- gona do my first FATTY this weekend -- may go with the Mexican, don't know yet, but I'm sure I'll be on the little lady's good side for a while!!
I made 2 dampers for mine which really helped at the low temps to get the thin blue smoke. Just get a small piece of metal @ 4"-5" square and drill a small hole in the center for mounting. Then bend up 1 corner to use at a handle to adjust. After mounting tape in place then drill 4 1/2" holes thru it and the smoker. Un tape and you will be able to spin it to adjust air flow. Works great and low cost.

Good Luck Very easy mod.

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If you don't mind shopping online and spending about $4 each, you can get the damper plates used on the 3605BGD. Part# is AZ001146. They use it as a template to cut out the openings...


They seem to be fairly decent on their prices, but I haven't ordered anything from them yet, so I can't advise on shipping or anything...

Hope it helps...
They are the Manufacture of the GOSM and have fallen on hard times, it may be almost impossible to get anything from them.
I was ready to order 2 two of 'em for $7.70 until the Shipping and Handling came up for $15.00 more! Two damper plates for $22.70? I think not...
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