GOSM Big Block

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Great deal johnnyo. Don't forget to season it. Post pics of the maiden voyage.

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That's great to here johnnyo, so have you decided what your going to smoke for your maiden voyage??
Good evening, I purchased mine from Amazon, $189.00 with free shipping, they say scheduled delivery date is Mar. 21st, but I just tracked the package & it left Pa. on it's way to South Texas, so not sure when it'll get here.. The maiden smoke has to be some good garlic sausage.. Just can't get any this far south.. I'm from Saskatchewan just wintering here till Apr 1st.. & all I can find here is mostly Chorizo , & the stuff they label Polish Sausage doesn't come close to what I know as Polish sausage.. After that some ribs, & of course jerky..
Just tracked my GOSM Big Block on UPS Website. It made it to my local warehouse, and is set to be delivered TODAY!!!
That's very cool SmokeEater
So once you get it put together and season her up,when and what do you have planned for your first smoke???
well I was all up & excited, until my wife started thinking. (rationally that is)..
I kinda hate when she's right.. We'll be leaving South Texas for our trip back to Sask. Canada,at the end of Mar.. My plan was to assemble, & do our men thing, of couse she comes up & says, that my plan is pretty dumb, assemble, smoke, then load a dirty smoker into our 5th wheel trailer for the trip north, & she figures it would make much more sense to leave it neatly packed in it's shipping carton & stand it up between our slide outs, then assemble it at our place when we get there.. The carton is clean, the smoker is clean. & not get anything on the carpet.. now all my anxiety is gone.. Poof, she just burst my dream bubble.. what dispicable thoughts she has..
But, Johnnyo, your best argument is that the unit must be properly seasoned, the temperatures tweaked and most certainly several initial runs of great Q to make sure all the bugs are out of the system and that you can produce extreme quality for family and guests.

And as far as the "soiled" problem goes....the unit can be double wrapped in several large trash bags to prevent any problems. And of course you will promise to clean it properly before transport.

It arrived almost three hours ago, and is being seasoned right now!!! Took an hour & a half to put her together. It is supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow, so I am not sure when I will pop my smokin' cherry! I would love to try something before the weekend, a beef brisket I think. I will also throw some ABTs in there while I'm smokin' for a snack!
The smoker can easily be disassembled and placed back in the box with everything (including any build-up from use) inside the main unit. I couldn't wait to put it together & season it, despite the snow that's beginning to fall. Now I can't wait to smoke something and eat it!!!
Congrats on receiving the Big Block, can't wait to hear about the maiden voyage. Bring pics for story time if you can.

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