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GOSM BB Smoker Box Question

Joined Jul 25, 2010
Just got the BB the other day, put it together today and got it all seasoned. Noticed that the chips I had took a while to get going in that cast iron box. I have seen a few say the put some charcoal in there. Anybody out there got some info to share? What's your experience. Thanks All! BTW the BB is looking super sweet! Glad I got one this thing is gonna be a ton of fun!


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Been on the road for a few so I missed this post.  Welcome to a fellow Pacific Northwesterner.  Never heard of the charcoal trick but hey, it's worth a try.  That being said, just know that the basic philosphy here is a thin blue smoke, not rolling smoke.  How are the vent openings on the side of the GOSM set up?  I usually keep mine at  least 1/2 open.  The chips going into the smoker box: Dry or damp?  When I do chips or chunks or greater size, I generally keep them dry.  I've been learning how to use the Amazin' Smoker Box so I afraid I'm not going to be much help.  Other smokers will chime in as time goes along.  I've been finding that the high ambient temps outside are playing hobb with chamber temp stability.

The door temp gauge?  Remove it and stick the probe in boiling water, note the temp it displays.  Then put it in ice water, note the temp it displays.  Noticed the difference between display and actual?  Keep that in mind when smoking.  THEN get yourself a decent temp probe/gauge setup.  One recommendation would be the Maverick ET-73 system.  You'll find that most smoking completion depends on TEMPERATURE, rather than a certain time, thus the importance of a good temp monitor.  To be sure, there are many preferred methods so whatever is comfortable for you.

Oh, one more thing:  Sharpen up your photography skills for the all important QViews.  As some would say:  No QViews, it didn't happen. 


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BB Thermo is adjustable. After your remove  the thermometer. Loosen the lock nut, I think it is 10mm. Test it in boiling water or with ice and make the adjustment. Tighten the lock nut. Reinstall using the same jam nuts. You will be surprised how close you can get it.

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