Good 'Q in Austin, Texas

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Apr 13, 2007
Hey Gang. Gonna be in Austin, Texas over the holday weekend. Anyone have any suugesstions for a place to get good 'Q? I have a Rudy's here, so that's out. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
i dont know about good Q there, but i know there is a great steakhouse right by the Ramada Inn, i know there is a Q place around the same area as well.....i believe it is Austin South.... just cant remember exactly where it is...i have
i have not done austin fer years but i ( no que) eat @ thundercloud subs.conan's pizza- there is a stubbs bbq- that would be the place-- go to stubbs... and if yer there overnight - go to magnolia cafe & get the whole wheat pancakes.....
Definitely gonna hit Stubbs, if not to eat then to get some of his bbq rub. It didn't taste like much to me when I tried a pinch of it by itself, but when I used it on some ribs it was great. If I use Stubbs rub, I don't even sauce my ribs.
p.s. we're going to memphis fer ribs- i know interstate, corky's, & memphis diner... can tell ya if it's better'n mine.......i do strive to be the better'n or the best....but i am competing w/ dry,wet, rub, sauce, mustard, carolina stlye... i'm doing texas marinade & wood- ,no sauce and a hawaiian militant about my cook...
I hear ya Gypsy. Try and make it Rendesvous and see if they're all that. Let us know.
sorry- i'm really cocky & proud but i watched this travel channel & disc. stuff. and i have served over 25,000 plates over the last 3 years- i've tried places & i just don't think they measure i know how tv balloons things... wish we could be @ the smf gathering but w/ a baby due the wkend before that,grandma coming fer a visit, & a nascar race bbq cookoff - i just don't see making of luck & best wishes for all those that get there- take plenty pics.
Give Ruby's a try. Its in the downtown area around 6th St I think. Its been 5 or 6 years since I was there but it musta been good for me to remember the name. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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