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Discussion in 'Pork' started by coolcitysmoker, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. My last pork butt had a real good flavor but was dry. It was bone it, about 3.66 lbs, rubbed it and wrapped it for about 12 hours before cooking. Cooked about 4.5 hours at 230 degrees, pulled off at 195 degrees, wrapped in plastic wrap and foil and then held in a cooler for 5 hours. I can't figure out why dry but here are my initial thoughts, your feedback is appreciated: I've heard of the salt in rubs drawing out the moisture in ribs could this apply to a thick, fatty pork butt? (doubtful). Second thought; I trimmed the fat cap pretty thin- don't know why but it looked like a lot so a trimming I went. Third thought; normally when I pull a butt I tend to find an unusual amount of fatty pockets that end up in the trash and the surprise of this roast was how very few fat pockets I came across. Fourth thought: it was wrapped and held too long due to a number of off topic reasons.

    Any ideas?

  2. walking dude

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    hmmmmm...........i brine all my butts, so no problem with moisture............are you sure your thermo is accurite, for internal temps?

    just a thought.........even before i started brining my butts, mine was always moist........but mine ran 7-8 lb range........
  3. bbq bubba

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    Without coming off harsh....[​IMG]

    You cooked a 3.5 lb butt, bone in? That would be considered a roast.

    You trimmed off all the fat and then cooked it for 4.5 hrs without foiling, guessing you ended up with maybe 2 lbs of meat?

    Sounds like there wasn't much fat either.
    Nest time look for something in the 5 lb range, and wrap at 160 ish till done, you'll have much better luck!
  4. ronp

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    Did you have a drip pan for the juices? If so foil in the pan at 160' like bubba said. I have foiled at 160' and kept it there for 10 hours and never had a dry one.

    Good luck on your next try.
  5. bmudd14474

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    you should foil at 160 and put some of your mop in it. Then take to 200 that should keep it moist. Also might want a bigger cut or one with a little more fat. Good luck next time.
  6. capt dan

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    I think 2 lbs would be a stretch, Bone in at 3.66 lbs, and then ya trimmed a large fat cap off.
    Way too long of rest in rub before the smoke, It was almost cured at that size. Most Butts are 6-8 lbs, and an 8 hr rub and rest is perfect.

    Was it salty and dry?

    What the others have said too. foil at 160-170, save the juices for later. I realize ya said something about other personal issues, so that explains alot. Wouldn't be the first time that a family issue ruined a meal![​IMG]

    Chalk it off as a learning step!
  7. Thanks everyone. It really did say Pork Butt on the label and there were 2 side by side, one that said "bone in" at 2.49 a lb and the other "boneless" at 2.59 a lb. Yep, both temp probes of my Maverick thermometer have been checked. I've successfully done others of this size that came out flavorful and juicy. Thanks for confirming the too long being rubbed and wrapped and also the tip for foiling at 160. I foil ribs, but have never thought to do so with a butt. The only grocery store with a 5-7 lb butt would be Wally mart, but I prefer to find ones that are not injected with solution. Oh well. No smoking this weekend, but am planning on some ribs in the next week. Good Q'n to ya,

  8. white cloud

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    Like the others said; foil the meat at 160 and continue to cook till 195-200 and then cooler the meat. There really is no need for a drip pan ( it will be mostly fat anyway ) and the fat cap should of been left intact. You will have plenty of juice after unwrapping

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