Good eatin tommorrow

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Nov 12, 2006
Saxton, Pa.
just got done stickin a 7# chicken in the brine for the rotissare..and just shot up a 12# pork shoulder with some Stubb's pork marinade. Plus a couple of fatties....uummmmmmmmmmmmm..hopefully have some porn for ya'all but it says that i reached my quota
linescum, if I understand that last part, you tried to upload pics? If so then your pictures size is too big (over 500 kb I believe is the limit). Use picture editing software to resize the pictures or use the following Microsoft Power Toys link to resize your pics easily by right clicking on the pic and select resize picture...

Good luck and Keep Smokin
I have been resizing my pics. it just keeps telling me i have reached my quota
Okay, not trying to be pushy,, are you inserting the pics one at a time, or trying several in a batch? You may have each pic below the limit, but as a whole is over the limit. Try to insert only one pic per "add attachment" to see if it goes through.

Good Luck

Use an offsite host for them then you can post pics while saving on the sites bandwidth.

Here is a good one: Image Shack

You need help getting it up and going just ask, lot's of guys here use it.
that's what i was goin to do. link to another offsite host, there's a ton out there
4 am and i just put the pork shoulder on myBSNP.[color=#][/color]gonna put some fatiies on at first light for some awesome breakfast :D . loaded the shouler with some golden brown mustard and lots of rub try to get some porn up
looking good 5 hours in temp at 140 degrees, smokin with black cherry. bout ready to take the fattie off and fry some eggs :) try to get some porn{ have a slobber cloth ready}

even my dog is licking her chops :lol:



Remind me to post the shipping adress of my new company. If you BBQ and ship samples, our private labs at no cost to you, will prepare an in depth report to let you know how good the food is, and we also help with the problem of left overs.

12 hours and it still was at only 169 degrees..couldn't wait no longer took her off and sliced it up doggone good. grate temp was always between 225 and 250, 60 deg. outside slow,wind from the west. should have been a near perfect smoke like i said was darn good but wouldn't pull



Good lookin shoulder linescum. They won't all be perfect, but a darn good shoulder is always better than some under boiled tough brisket from some wanna be steak house. In the end, as your sign line says.. You are the Pitmaster of your domain.. when you say it's done.. it's done. Anyway, looks good to me.

Keep smokin
it was very good ,moist and plenty of flavor. one reason i think it was is that it was store bought and already cured. next one is coming straight from the source, got some friends butchering after x-mas and i'll be there,,x-mas i'm doing the turkey thing smoked and deep fried also have a fresh venison hind quarter that's itching to be smoked.
If you were having problems getting it up to 190-200ish, you could wrap it and finish in the oven.

Also, all meat will plateau and it is during this time that the heat energy from the smoke stops warming the meat and begins to break down the connective tissues. How big was the shoulder? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.