Good Deal on GOSM

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Original poster
Jul 8, 2007
Hi all

Well I finally decided on the GOSM 20" wide. I went to Wally World expecting to pay $130.00. When I get there, the sticker on the box says $100.00, so I let out my best Homer Wou Who, grab a bag of mesquite wood chunks, the smoker and head for the checkout. The clerk rings me up and the smoker comes up at $60.00 !!!! I ask if the smoker is new and is the price right, the clerk tells me yes to both.(another Homer Wou WHO !!!!!).

I'm posting this because if any of you are thinking about trying a GOSM, for $60.00 bucks, do it !!!

I got it home and it is brand new and in great shape.

Cheers, Lager
I will bet dimes to dollars that somewhere in the Wally World IT staff somewhere between here and China that right now someone is sweating out a major OOPS!

That had to be a programming error. But in any event..good luck with your new treasure! I have the Big Block Gasser and love it!

WOW thats a steal. Did the alarms go off when you walked out? Awsome!!!
Thanks guys, I'm sure I'll love it.

NO ALARMS went off, I think the smoke Gods were smiling down at me !!! LOL !!!
I would not be so sure about the price being a mistake, WALLY like all the other stores cut the prices at the "end of season", I got my char broil Horz with side box for 159, down from 200 at Lowes, now is the time to shop for gadgits and the like, I am finding them cheap all over town!
Good deal Lager!

Golly is it the end of the season already? I hasn't stopped raining long enough for most people around here to even take their grills out yet let alone look at smokers! Guess I better get to Wal Mart!
Hey Debi

Thanks for the PM about where to get the smoker
. I told ya I would post about it and I did. Your my new best friend, LOL !!!!!!!
Now get on down to Wally and get ya another smoker !!!!!

Cheers, Lager
That's the 20" wide model, you stole that puppy
I looked at them
yesterday in Montgomery AL and will get one in about 2 weeks. Congrats
on that buy(steal)
Opps !!! Your right it's not 16" it's 20".
I edited my original post.

Right now it's got 3 racks of ribs smokin away!!!!
An unbelievable deal! I paid $128. Do you think I should take your photo to WallyWorld and jam it up somebody's.....ah....nose and get a refund?

Nah, Its too painful to try to talk to those folks and I'm too happy to finally be smokin'.

This weekend its the pork loin w/ Mahogany sauce for me.


I've been calling Wally-Worlds within about 50 miles of me that their web sight shows them in stock to see if they've marked them down, no luck.
Being down south our mark downs on grills etc will come later.
Wow thats odd, your much farther north then me. I can see Blackhawk19's point about being in the south, so the clearance would be later.

My local Wally was out of stock so I checked the internet and found them in stock at the Catonsville Md store (410-719-0600) and the price was listed at 130.00 (rnd'd up). Remember when I got there I still thought the smoker was $130.00, then I saw the sticker for $100.00, I didn't know about the $60.00 price until they rung me up.

The Catonsville store is sort of a "city" store and I got a strong feeling that they don't sell many smokers, LOL !!! The smokers were behind and under some grills and none on display.

Like someone else suggested, use my pic and ask them to price match their own store.

I know the receipt is a little blurry in the pic but I could post a better copy if it would help someone. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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