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Original poster
May 19, 2007
i am new to this site i have read some of the posts and it looks very helpful a lot of good tips for smoking.thanks for all the good reading.

wolf here in indiana
i am new to the smoking world i have smoked some pork butts before turned out good.i just got a brinkman vertical smoker.i am going to put to work tomorrow i am going to smoke 2 8lb pork butts and 2 10lb briskets so it should be a good day.any tips for would be great.
Use a tasty, rub, give yourself plenty of time, take to about 195, then throw them in a cooler after wrapping them in foil for about an hour. Take them out, shred the pork, slice the brisket, and open a cold one (alcoholic or non, the choice is yours). Enjoy!
Welcome Wolf! We're always glad to have a new smokee here. Come on in and have a look around and keep your camera handy when you smoke so you can post the pictures!
Welcome aboard wolf_in Always glad to have new members. Sounds like a busy smoke. Let us know how it came out and share some pics.

Keep Smokin
welcome to smf. now the important stuff- where is the food porn? lol, j/k. i have 2 briskets on, with a fatty. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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