Good afernoon from a smoking grandma!

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Apr 24, 2012
Southern MD
Yes I am a grandma to 8 and a newbie to really smoking meat but I have given a it a try a few times.  I first tried it in my 18" weber grill and a slab of ribs.  Turned out ok, but I knew I could do better.  So I bought an ECB to try my hand.  I found instructions for mods on the Brinkman site and incorporated some of them but today I found even more I want to do to make it a little better.  I will probably want to get a better smoker in a year or two.  I also own a Char-griller duo.  I don't think I will use that for smoking though, strictly grilling.  I've been lurking around for a few days and there is so much info here that I decided to join so I can learn as much as my brain can handle.  Thanks in advance for all the great lessons and info.  Weather permit, I will be working on my ECB this weekend to make it a better smoker.
Nice to have you with us.
Welcome to the SMF Family...I thought I would make it a year or two before I wanted to upgrade to a bigger better Smoker too...Made it 7 months!...JJ
Welcome to SMF Grandma. Glad to have ya aboard.................

Hey Grandma,
I am in Mongomery county and also have a ECB. Feel free to reach out to me directly for help.
Welcome to the group. If you are familiar with Google docs, please direct message me.

I had my ECB for lots of years and finally burned up the charcoal tray. I still use it at the cabin but now use a Kamado. The really can be controlled, the heat that is. Very effecient on coals too...................................................................................................
Thanks for all the welcomes.  This site is awesome.  I already took Jeff's e-course and will be making more mods on my ECB this weekend. 

SmokeyG I totally agree

JimF, good to see another Marylander on the boards,  I am so ready to improve my smoking skills and can't wait to try my hand at fatties and ABTs.
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