Gonna Take A Break Soon

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Jun 29, 2006
Peculiar, MO
April 2 is the full moon in April. Time to go night fishing for big bass in the Ozarks, Table Rock & Stockton Lakes. I'll take the toyhauler and the Champion and camp for 5-7 days and just fish, eat, sleep. Then turkey season opens April 15. I'll get some smoking material there, though deep fried wild turkey breast strips sprinkled with Lawry's are hard to beat. Crappie will be "on the banks" about then also, gotta catch a BUNCH of those guys. Walleye will be on in Stockton also, nothing better than wally fillets. Then it's dove season in early May. I'll be smoking a bunch of dove breasts. So much to do, so little time.
Love that crappie straight off the cook with fried taters.. mmmm. Best of luck to ya in all your adventures

Keep Smokin
Can I go?

Good luck and take pic's for us!
Hey Mike, my dad is retired so I have seen how you retired guys live. So, I guess my question is......just what are you taking a break from?
Good luck on the fishing trip. Do you fish Truman much?
Not as much as I have wanted to, BUT -
I just bought a Bass Tracker Tournament TX17 that I keep here at home (my Champion is in a storage place down at Stockton) so I can fish local small lakes around KC and hit Truman a lot this year. Looking to catch crappie down around Berry Bend and bass fish a lot. Would like to try some smoked catfish.
I forgot to include the Missouri Water Patrol Tournament in early May on Table Rock, 200 boats. That's a 4 day trip. And the WinBuddy Tournament also early May on Stockton.
I'll smoke some fattys and deer jerky to take along to keep my smoke intake up.
Like I said, don't know how I had time to work.

PigCicles - you got that right!

GoFish - Let me know when your flight arrives, I'll pick you up at KCI.
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