Gone for a few daze...

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May 5, 2007
Gonna be offline and untouchable for the next few daze... heading for the car show in Carlisle!

Quick update; the 4th cookout was great... 3-2-1 ribs w/Jeff's amazing rub, ABT s, fatties, chicken, tater salad, home grown bean salad, Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans, strawberry/homegrown rhubarb pie, deviled eggs, and lots of family to share it all with. I was going to do a brisket, but decided not to at the last minute... we had plenty of food.

I sincerely apologize for the lack of Q-View, but it has been a helluva week, really busy pulling everything together, along with a death in the family and taking care of grandkids... whew!

See y'all in a few daze, have fun!
have a great safe trip hawg and do take plenty of pics. i know yer a mopar guy but to anyone interested,here in bowling green,ky.is the chevy corvette factory & national corvette museum. every labor day is the annual "corvette homecoming". i was @ the 60th anniversary one a couple years ago and there were 75000 registered vettes in town(pop around 30,000) it was a wild site & a great get together.every other car on any given street was a vette.
Thanx Gypsy... I'll give it my best shot!
Sorry to hear about the family member Phil. Enjoy your trip and we will be here when you get back!
Thanx, it was actually my son-in-law's father, but still close family. The wife and I were the designated Pop-Pop/Mom-Mom/Babysitters for the duration. Plus, today I deep fried 2 turkeys for the funeral luncheon gathering afterwards.

My Grandma once told me, "We are all here for each other, do what you can for those in need..." Smart woman and a wonderful person!
Sounds like you've had your plate full... sorry no pun intended. Hope you will enjoy the weekend... Talk to ya when you get back...
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