Going to start my first brisket Fri night....

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I have read and read on smoking briskets here and I think I might know what I am doing (hoping for beginners luck actually)...Just wanted to know if anyone wanted to share any last minute secrets, ideas, thoughts, and even a prayer?

If this dont come out right, me and the team are coming after you all...


I say it with love :)

Go get em' girl !!! I'm sure your gonna do just fine. Just remember low n slow and allow yourself enough time. It can always stay nice for a few hours in a cooler. Take some pics if you can, and good luck!!!
Lisa, Most of all just have fun. Low and slow is the way and I remember well years back when I had the same feelings of doubt and worry. You will do fine and the end result will be real food treat for you and yours.
Go by internal meat temp AND how it feels. I've noticed lately on my briskets that when the internal temp hits 205 is when I test it for tenderness. I like mine so tender that you have to slice it 1/2" think and the whole thing is hard to pick up(just wants to come apart).

I test mine by using a thermometer that has a small diameter and I slide it in then right back out. If it is like butter than its done for me. I also don't put mine in a cooler, it stays wrapped in foil and into the house for some "R&R" then slice after it has cooled a bit.

If you get it just right on your first try, I don't want to hear about it! You will be put on the TURD list, right next to Tonto!

Good luck and do have fun with it. TAKE PICS TOO!

How big is the brisket?
Lisa, what time do I need to be down there? It's less than an hours drive and I can bring some beans or potato salad :)
Good luck Lisa, Remember, don't rush it, go by internal temp. but most of all HAVE FUN!! The first thing I smoked was a brisket, I was nervous as he** but I did what I learned here and it turned out great. After I left it set for a while and I fianlly cut into it, The first thing that I noticed was the smoke ring, YYIPPEEEE I smoked something, then the juices started to run out, man I was in heaven. But the best part was the taste. The only bad part was, now I want to smoke some thing every chance I can.
Then when you take a picture and every one tells you how good it looks, that's the best feeling.
Hi Lisa, Just remember it's a brisket and YOU are in control. Remember what you have read here at SMF about briskets and you'll do fine. Most folks are intimidated by a brisket but I figure that if you can do a pork butt or shoulder, you can do a brisket.

Have fun, enjoy yourself and let us know how it turned out!!
Lisa -

Don't forget about the temperature plateu -if the temps stay put for a few hours it's normal, don't worry have a cup of coffee!
You can trim the fat to a quarter inch if you want. Some people do it (like me), some don't. It's up to you. Use a good rub, get some good smoke on it, and enjoy yourself. Just remember...perfection is unattainable.
That just means you'll have to keep on smokin'!
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