Going To My First Comp

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Nov 22, 2006
Haltom City Tx
I have a friend who goes to a lot of comps here. If its not pouring down rain Im going with him on the 16th and 17th. He has been trying to get me to go for the last 3 yrs now. Im going as a hand to see how things operate and whats expected. This is happening in rendon tx at a place called Hoots. The event is being sponsored by Lone Star BBQ association. If all goes well the following weekend he has another one in Irving Tx and Im going also. Want to try a couple before going on my own. Im excited and kinda nervous but looking forward to having a good time and learning something new, will post pics, wish me luck.
Good luck to ya Marvin, sounds like a great opportunity and please let us know how it goes!!
Good luck Marvin...sounds like hard work, as well as fun. Pics please.
What has the rain got to do with it????

If you enter a comp, it goes on, rain or shine.... go for it.

You will love it. I was real nervous abt my first one. I just dove in cold feet, without know much at all other than what others said here and a couple of other forums.....

WOW, what a way to go. I did learn a LOT... and I mean a LOT. It was a blast. I am going to do it again this year, I am already registered for one, and abt to sign up for another. I am looking at 3-4 this year.

Go, have fun, learn, and most important, don't forget the pics. I did. I got so involved, I left the camera sitting on the table....

I give you the official title of cameraman.... go get 'em.....

Well im not gonna get to go this weekend, Ive got a double ear infection and feel lousy, and the pit boss is under the weather. So were gonna shoot for the comp in Irving Tx next week end. Hopefully we both will be back up and running, I was looking forward to this one but theres a lot more coming up.
Marvin, hope you and the pit boss get to feeling better quick. Go to Irving and show them all how Q is done. Get well and may the TBS be with you.

Keep Smokin
You take care of yourself Marvin there's always another competition down the road. I'll add you to my prayer list and hope your feeling fine in short order! There's some really strange bugs going around better make some chicken soup and drink lots of juices.

{{{{hugs for the poor sick Marvin}}}}

That is exactly how to do it! Going as an extra hand for an experienced competitor will give you an unbelievable 1st hand look at what it takes to compete. Turn in times are crucial and knowing what the Judges like (unfortunately, not what YOU like) will give you that needed edge if you ever decide to go it on your own.

Hope you are feeling better Marvin and at least you will have another opportunity to check out a comp. coming up
. I agree with djdebi about the chicken soup, especially if its made with smoked chicken
! Good luck and keep us posted. Daun
Sorry to hear your feeling under the weather Marvin. Hope you get to feeling well soon. Good luck at Irving if'n ya make it there.
Marvin, I hope ya get better soon. I heard that a good remedy for the ear ache is to get a good oak and hickory fire going, put your head in the smoker just for a minute or two (close your eyes and don't shut the door), turning gently to get even smoke in both ears, then stick a bite size chunk of brisket in each ear.
CAUTION: do not top with BBQ sauce or anything that is vinegar based. OUCH!
Marvin, I feel for ya, pard, I'm prone to earaches meownself so I know how your feeling. My Sawbones usually puts me on a strong antibiotic and tells be to take acetaminophine for the pain. Here's hoping that it all goes away so you can play next weekend!
Thanks for all the replys and maybe I should try gunslingers rememedy Lol. I have a list for the ICBA and the lone star bbq society events for the yr. Gonna try to make the ones that are closet to my area. This ear infection still has me down right now but tomorrow If i feel like it we are supposed to ride down to the comp, my friend wants to show me around and meet some of the folks.
Hope you are starting to feel better. Take care of yourself, as there will be more comps that you will be able to go to.

You will enjoy them, trust me. It is a lot of fun. And everyone is usually about as friendly as can be. Just be careful on the day of turn-ins, as everyone is real busy, and don't have time to just stop and chit-chat. If it is KCBS, Saturday is crunch day, trying to get everything done, chopped, pulled, sliced, and turn in boxes done to get them in on time. There is a 10 minute window to get them in, if you are 1 second to early or 1 second late, you are disqualified, so everyone is on a tight time schedule.

Friday evenings are the best time to just walk around and stop by. Most everyone will take time to talk to ya.

Just don't be offended if someone just ignores you, is rude, or just cuts you off. It will happen, especially when they are on that time schedule.

And the one I liked best, we had signs up at the last competition. No sales, no samples, Please do not ask. You would be surprised at how many would ask what we were selling.....

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