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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by john sipes, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. Wow, this is great! People who enjoy doing the same thing as I do!
    I'm from Ohio...been smokin' meat for about 4 years. Have a Smokey Mountain smoker..propane with water pan. Pretty small wood box though. Love to smoke fish, chicken..just everything. Had a hard time with smoking goose a little dry. Any help?
  2. pitrow

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    Welcome John! I think you'll like it here.

    How did you prepare the goose breast? Brine, marinade, what temp in the smoker, etc?
  3. Nice to meet you.
  4. Thanks smoke blower
  5. I used a mariade I found on the internet..using worchestershire sauce...came out salty and dry. I smoked at 160 for 3 hours. Must have been wrong somewhere!
  6. nh3b's

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    Welcome to your new addiction. Youll learn plenty and learn where ya made mistakes in the past.
  7. Welcome to the Forum. So, they finally learned what smoking is in Ohio?! In the small town I lived in up there, nobody know what my dad was doing in the back yard with his Bullet Style Smoker under a huge cardboard box, the night before Thanksgiving every year. All they know is that it smelled really good! What part of Ohio you from? I grew up about 20 minutes Southeast of Toledo in a town of about 1100 people, just minutes away from the lake.
  8. Hi Vegansbeware....small town between Marion & Mansfield...out in the middle of nowhere. Smoking is starting to catch on here. The more people I invite to dinner..the more want to know how to do it! Having a blast doing and helping others at the same time! Thanks for the reply!
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    welcome, have fun lookking around and ask plenty of questions..
  10. Nice to meet ya'all...will be back tomorrow with more "stuff". Thanks for the welcome!
  11. mossymo

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    Welcome to SMF !!!
    Try wrapping the goose breast with bacon and spritzing with a apple juice and Captain Morgan mix while smoking. Also, what temperature is your smoker when you are smoking goose breast?
  12. richtee

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    Hey John welcome to SMF! Got one word for the goose and it's guarenteed- BRINE.

    Also a bacon wrap, or a base for your rub consisting of rendered bacon fat. You DO save that after cooking bacon...right? 'Cause "Pork fat RULES"! LOL!
  13. will learn a LOT!!

    I'm with Richtee..."BACON MAKES IT BETTER!!!" <--I have that on my planner at work [​IMG]
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    Welcome aboard!
  15. kookie

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    Welcome to the smf................Glad to have you here.............
  16. funh2o

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    Welcome to the SMF John. Lots of good info on here and people willing to help out with your questions.
    I have some goose breasts in the freezer from last fall that I might try and smoke. I have had smoked goose before and as you mentioned it was dry. A friend of mine smoked it many years ago and I know he put the bacon wrap on it, but don't remember if he brined it or not. I will put it on my list of things to try. In the mean time, I will look for a good brine recipe.

    Happy Smokin

  17. badss

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    Howdy John...welcome aboard....
  18. kratzx4

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    A big welcome from southwest Ohio ( 35 miles east of cincinnati). You have found the right place. this forum is packed of friendly folks that can teach us newer smokers a lot. any question that you have just ask, someone will have an answer for you. Happy smoking.
  19. cowgirl

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    Welcome to the forum John![​IMG]
  20. Hi Mossymo,
    I like the bacon idea..that should keep some moisture in the breast. I smoked it at 160 after marinating it in teriaki sauce. I'm not a big fan of teriaki, but that is what I found on the internet. I think the Capt Morgan will give it a little more flavor too! What temp to you recommend?

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