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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by ballagh, Aug 6, 2010.

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    I have not put it on a trailer yet.  Probley wait til Spring.  I want to use it a bunch of times to make sure it is what I want, and it is going to work the way I want it too before I spend the money on a new trailer.  I plan on starting the finish sand, grind, and paint next week.  I have rustoleum 1000 degree paint to spray on it, and I plan on cutting a piece of granite to put on the shelf frame in front of the doors to set thermo's and such on.  Does anyone do a initial burn before you sand and paint?  Here is a few pics from my phone today in the warehouse.

    I took bits and pieces of many smokers on here that I liked and incorporated it into my own.  I want to thank MattS for his help and input, duck, and many others.  I did put the drain and slightly sloped the pan away from the firebox.  I have heard of alot of flareup and burning hog stories latelty and decided that a slight slope away wont hurt. :)  Both racks are removeable, they have angle iron on both sides so I can pretty much pull it all the way out without it falling.  There are expanded/angle iron grates inside the firebox with 3 inch tall legs so the fire wont be burning directly on the bottom of the firebox, and also so I can add propane burners on the inside too.  Both sides of the firebox have two dampers that slide all the way to the sides for airflow. I will post more pics and details later on of the inside and the finished product. 




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    Sweet lookin smoker Ballagh, I can't wait to see the q-view from the maiden smoke!
  3. Hey Ballagh, what are using to hold the door open? Looks lile a hood or trunk strut. Would be afraid the heat would build up to much pressure if it is a gas pressure strut.

    Looking very good. Can't wait to see it done.
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    It is just a piece of 1/2" rod with a nut welded to the inside of the door, and another nut welded to the rack brackets.  Kind of like you would for a car hood.  I have not had time to work on it lately.  Too damn hot here in Iowa to do anything outside.  Hope to get it sanded, and painted in the next few weeks.  Have to get it done before the Iowa Hawkeyes Opener :)  Tailgate time baby!!!!!!
  5. Looks great, can't wait to see some food come off this thing.


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