Geting Ready for the Superbowl weekend

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Nov 18, 2006
Got a Turkey, a brisket, a shoulder some ribs, some Jalepinos for ABTs, one brisket in brine for more pastrami, and gonna make some Hawaiian sausage, a ton of mushrooms. two dozen eggs and a bag of onions and 4 5 gallon kegs of beer.

Got a pork belly comming in Friday too!

hack hack hack .... I think I feel a cold commin' on maybe I need to call out on Friday and stay home from work (and smoke)?

Debi I think your at the point where its time for a bigger smoker Lol. Sounds like quite a feast there but at least you have enough beer to wash it all down. Good luck and do show some pics.
What! Super Bowl and NO WINGS?! Debi, you do look a little sick, maybe you should maybe take some time off. Priorities ya know. You're gonna be busy. Good Luck!

Keep Smokin
Sounds fantastic Debi, hear it's gonna be a cold one in your neck of the woods, stay warm and don't forget pics!!!!
Marvin -
I decided I needed a bigger smoker after the first brisket! Had to cut it in half, 16" is not very big for big meat.
Marvin -
I decided I needed a bigger smoker after the first brisket! Had to cut it in half, 16" is not very big for big meat.
Well I didn't do the brisket. Decided to wait on that but I did do Turkey, a shoulder, two ribs, ABTs, Hawaiian sausage, stuffed mushrooms. one dozen eggs, pork belly trimmings, smoked cabbage and a fatty.

Got picture of most of it - some got taken before I got all the way into the house. Never even taste a rib or turkey! POOF-gone!
that all looks good!!! well except maybe the belly chunks. your chopping looks excellent, what kind of knife are you using to chop that stuff. it has an unusual shaped handle or something i can not put my finger on it.

i do not know if i could handle 3 days of this kind of smoking. 7am - 12am, and the night before 4-5 hours of prep time. i do not know how you do it!!!!
Blizzard -
I smoked the belly chunks and then diced em and fried them to add to the smoked cabbage. All that fat really grossed me out but it was good diced and fried up crispy. I saved most of the fattier pieces to use to grease the grates with later.

The knife is great. I didn't think I'd like it at first. It's very light weight and I've used a heavy weight french chefs knife for chopping all my life. I guess you ca teach an old dog new tricks! You don't really grab the handle to chop you grab above the blade. Very comfortable to use.

It's one of Ron Popeils Six Star Showtime knifes. The knives are very sharp! I don't think they'll out live my old set but then I paid $379 for my old Cutco set 35 years ago - no comparison there! These are only $39 at that price there disposable!

The knives are strangely light weight but I sliced throug a whole pastrami with one and it cut like a razer. You could easily make shaved steaks with these knives on a cold piece of meat.

They have a buy one get one free going on. Anyone live close by? For about $25 (with shipping)two of you can get some prety nice knives.

Marvin -
I am honored you would even let me touch the general let alone use it! That is such a work of art! Your humble newbie bows to your graciousness.

I ended up calling out today - the weekend smoke out did me in! That and this new cat that was up howling all night!

Would you believe all that food and the only left overs were some stale chips?
I pick the pictures in there respective sections. Beef in beef, pork in pork etc. Would have been easier to put them all in here! LOL I'll see if I can put them together again.
Hi All -

I could have sworn I posted these before. No pictures of the eggs but I got most everything else from my 3 day superbowl smoke out!

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