Get rid of my ash!

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Nov 6, 2005
Spring Hill,Fla
Does anyone have any idea what to do with your ash? I heard it was good for plants, but I dont want to destory my plants with a bad idea. What do you do with your ash? Can you put it on plants? How about the lawn?
I put mine in my compost heap along with my grass clippings and any other leafy garbage. Do not put any meat, grease, bones etc or it will become rancid.

let it rot down and use it in veg gardens and flower beds.
Once you have verified that fire is out and there are no coals still burning (or even warm), put them in a trash bag and set it on trash pickup day...

Dave, I have a 30 gal. oil drum that's set up with a expanded metal screen where I dump my briquettes from my Dutch ovens and my ash and wood chunks from my smoker. I have a friend that comes by every twice and again to collect the ashes. He and his wife are into 1800's period reenactments and she uses the ashes to make lye soap. Before he asked me to save the ashes for him, I used to spread them on the lawn and around the rose bushes.
Thanks Earl.I was wondering if I coud put them on the lawn, or in the bushes without doing any damage to them. Lye soap huh? Ill bet that soap would take the hair off a cats behind! lol is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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