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Inspired by this thread I ran mine yesterday. First time using TQ for something other than fake smoke ring. I opted to smoke mine instead of pan fry. These were super thick like 1-1/4" so cured 4 hrs. Will update when I taste but expect it to be good.

Yup . Those are beauties !
Tender quick has its place when used correctly .
what do you prefer TQ and why?
I use it for cured loins , dried beef and bacon . Anything that is small in size , like trimmings from spare ribs . Cured into a Tasso type hunk for beans and ham stock . Makes it easy .
I like the texture it gives .
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THANKS. How long did you cure yours Bill?

Thanks. I always forget, what do you prefer TQ and why?
Depends on when the urge strikes for me to make them! As little as 2 - 3 hours, all the way to 24 hours with really thick cut chops.
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VERY happy. BTW that is homemade kraut. Kinda fitting it was low 60Fs last night...

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