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Original poster
Aug 27, 2006
Falls of Rough, Kentucky
Thanks so much for posting your corn casserole recipe. I tried it for dinner last night. I added a fattie crumbled. I melted the stick of butter in a large 15 inch cast iron skillet and then added one small onion chopped fine and a green bell pepper chopped fine. Sauteed them until tender and them added them to the other ingredients as per recipe. I did bake it in the skillet at 375 for the hour. It was absolutely wonderful! This made it a skillet meal and the fattie really gave it zip. I served it with sliced ripe tomatoes right out of the garden, a jar of my homemade pepper relish, and cooked collard greens. (Can you tell that I am from Kentucky?) It was such a hit! I sure this will be a regular on our dinner table.
Where was the recipe posted? I looked under side items and recipes and didn't see it.

A restaurant here makes a casserole they call "Chuck wagon corn" that I have been trying to decypher. :D
It is posted under side items. Topic-"We enjoy this with smoked chicken" -posted Sunday, Jan. 8. 2006. The link is

Hope that helps. They call the recipe Corn Casserole.
How sad is it that I just stumbled across this almost a year later?

I am happy to share! I am open to a jazzy name for the dish too. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.