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smokin stang

Smoke Blower
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Nov 15, 2006
Paducah, Kentucky
I have a vertical gas smoker which has only one vent near the top on the back side. With the gas set to low and the vent wide open I can not keep it at 225 wile cooking two hole chickens. I tried adding cold water to the water pan, closing the propane bottle to reduce the flame and cracking the door. None has worked with any consistency for me. Can I just cut a whole in the top and attach a pipe with some type of cover to allow the extra heat to get out? If so how would you do it.


Before you cut your smoker all up, what temp can you hold? Are you sure your thermometer is accurate. Is it the one built in unit or add on at grate level?

You might want to get this reposted in the propane smoker section of the forum.
I have a smoke hollow propane smoker that I purchased from Gander Mountain. It is 38 inches tall. When the temperature gauge on the door shows 225, the actual temperature over the rack of meat is roughly 64 degrees hotter. I checked it with a taylor digital thermometer. I drilled a hole in the back and inserted another taylor digital thermometer and while cooking two hole chickens with the gas on low and vent wide open, the highest temp went up to around 250 if I remember correctly. I would like to stay around 225-230 consistently.

Dave, I'm not really familiar with that smoker, but I remember a couple GOSM's had bad regulators which the company replaced and I think they were ok then.

Have you talked to the manufacturer? Maybe Gander Mountain? Sorry I can't be more help.

I think what your proposing to do would work, but I also think it should run cool enough (especially in the fall season) not to need it. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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